Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jennifer Hudson

Ok so you just watched one of my all time favorite entertainers... This girl has been through so much and yet she blow this one out the park. Looking so lovely in a black and white get up with a HOTT military jacket... Face was painted to the highest Gods and hair snatched to perfection. Enough about the beauty for a second... As you may know by now I am connected to so many people on different levels and for different reasons. My connection to J.H. is one that I MUST explain. We both auditioned of Idol clearly she got further than I did. The sad thing is that we were both in Tampa, FL (my hometown) when we found out that our mothers passed away. Finally she was back in Tampa to make her debut after all that she had been through. Well Jennifer is my girl and someday I will do her makeup and/or hair. Until we meet (and we will) I will continue to walk with her in spirit!!!! Jennifer i LOVE YOU!!! I pray that GOD will continue to bless and keep up!!! BE BEAUTIFUL!!!


Scandalous Beauty said...

As you would say "She Did That!!!"

Amina said...

her performance was amaazing!! Especially after what she has been going through!