Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blast From Da Past!!!!!

So this is my new found lil brother Jadius!!! He is an amazing singer/model/actor did i mention he is super hott. I go crazy for dark skin, tall, fit, blk guys and he is Beautiful inside and out. No he aint gay so I have to live with that on my own. Hope you enjoy this image as much as i enjoyed doing the hair, makeup, and body art.
My lil brother was just in DC and he and I had a few moments to catch up. The new images are on the way...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Recent Work

Hi Beautiful
here is some of my most recent work... there is so much more where this came from & i cant wait to share. thanks SO MUCH to Johnny Lavoy and AJ Crimson who both have given me such valuable information which has made me a stronger artist. Johnny has given me one on one OJT which has helped me to develop a stronger more aware eye for makeup. The following images hopefully will display a little bit of drama and a lot of clean skin. The hair is all bases on a solid foundation of beauty school basics with a little Warren Bisim to take you there. THANKS TO ME MENTORS for helping to keep me in the GAME!!! THANKS TO MY SAVIOR FOR PUTTING ME THERE IN THE 1ST PLACE!!!

Michael Jackson #1


I know it has been a while since we have communicated. Things have been a whirlwind over the past few week but I am yet holding it in the road. Praise God for all of His many blessings and for great friends like each of you. Lately I have been keeping busy with clients and shoots and it has all been totally amazing. I MUST thank God for this gift and the ability to be able to use it daily. So many people work on a job for a paycheck. Me I live out my passion for fun. When I think of what it means to actually live your passion I think of THE GREATEST entertainer to ever walk this earth. Throughout his 50 years on this earth Michael Jackson went through so much scrutiny. He had just as many highlights as he did lowlights yet through it all he carried on. We all sat back and watched as MJ grew from a little black boy from Gary into an interesting person representing the entire world. We watched him as he was subjected to the vicious lies and rumors that circulate through the media. We all were there when Michael faced those criminal charges for sexual molestation. Honestly I wish it all would have just gone away. Yes to the average person one could argue that there could have been something wrong with Mike. But that would be an average man judging a man who was far greater than average. Did we somehow feed into the medias destruction of the greatest entertainer in history? Don’t act like you were not trying to hear it when it was going on. I know I was being a little nosey too so don’t feel bad. In spite of all the things that I heard and saw I really never cast an opinion either way. After all we were not there so who the we to have a opinion either way? On top of all the drama this guy was clearly vulnerable and prone to people trying to make a quick dollar off of his hard work. To think someone would put a child up to no good just to get a few million. Well I guess that’s not such a bad idea??? No but really it is a totally twisted way of thinking. It is my belief that MJ is very normal in comparison to how he was raised. I mean lets be honest Michael just may be the most recognized person in the world, how normal is that? This man sold more albums than anyone will ever sell EVER IN LIFE… how normal is that? Mike broke all racial barriers, continental boarders, and lived a life of extravagance beyond anything most people could ever think of… how normal is that??? Yes this man was just a man but NOTHING about his life was normal. Even after death MJ came back to top the charts once again. Let me take that back. I do believe that there was much normalcy in Jackson’s life but I think we were looking so hard that we didn’t notice it. You see people are attracted to people they can relate to. That was the beauty of MJ is that he has so many faces. Each of us can find at least one thing about MJ that we can relate to no matter what walk of life we came from. Michael had a genuine concern for the human race and I trust that he really loved children. I honestly don’t think that Michael Jackson had the courage or the heart to hurt a fly. I do feel that he felt blessed to be able to live the life that he lived. It is my belief that Jackson was to some extent amazed himself by what he had accomplished. A big part of me knows that MJ was so thankful for all the blessings that he received in his lifetime. We all know that to whom much is give much is also required. As with Michael Jackson there were lots of people around him who required much from him. Mike was used and abused by so many people yet in our hearts we must forgive them all as he would have. In spite of all he had been through MJ was still able to leave behind a legacy that will live on beyond us all. His musical influence surpasses any negative idea that anyone may have of the megastar. We thank you Michael Jackson for all you did the good and the bad. I thank Mike for showing me that I don’t have to add up to what most people consider to be normal. I can be me no matter what the definition of normal may be. After all what is NORMAL anymore? Thanks to MJ I can be all that I can be ME and that’s that…