Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thanks Yulia HAIR & MAKEUP BY ME!!!!

When it comes to shooting on location I don’t know any photographer who understands natural light better than my dear friend Yulia Gorbachenko. We met maybe about a year a go at a gathering for photographers. I did the makeup and hair for the girl and the group of photographers shot it. Yulia and I have worked together numerous times since then. It is SO AMAZING to see how much we have both grown since our first engagement. What you are about to see is the evidence of what dedication and persistence does for ones artistry!!! WE HOPE YOU LIKE!!! Thanks Yulia!!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well here we are again in the BIG Apple and I AM LOVING IT!!! Every time my feet hit the pavement I feel RIGHT at home. The people, the food, the crazy ass taxi drivers, the nicest nasty city in the world is NY. Amidst all of what seems to be a big ball of confusion there is a common thread that reaches ALL, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! Needless to say just like many of you I still get excited to head to that place where people actually do sleep. Yes even I get anxious to arrive in the land where BIG things happen and DREAMS become reality. So here we are again for the second time within the past week BACK in the city I LOVE. Those of you who REALLY know me know there is NO PLACE I would rather be. Thanks to Johnny my DEAR friend I am doing it again. Living and working in NEW YORK with Bluefly.Com and models from International agencies what more could one ask for? You see for my friend Johnny Lavoy this is his life, like a sixth sense of sorts. As one of the top artist in the industry providing the TOTAL package Johnny does BOTH hair and makeup. Represented by FORD Johnny has unlimited access to what most of us dream of. DID I MENTION that he aint playing no games in the hair OR makeup category. (ForgeT grammar) When asked to MAKE IT HAPPEN J.L. is bringing it HARD every single time!!! THE BIGGEST part of working with him to me (outside out the bond) is the fact that we think SO MUCH alike and SO different at the same time. Its CRAZY and so are we so who gives a care. ENOUGH LOVE I know yall just wanna know What Happened??!!!
Well I arrived at noon and model 1 was already done. I assisted on hair for Model #2 and watched the SICKEST MAKEUP DEMO EVER!!!!! It was the real deal as I have NEVER seen it before!!!! Johnny single handedly BANGED out the sexiest not to heavy JUST JUST RIGHT DEEP INTENSE purple smoky eye I have EVER SEEN DONE IN MY LIFE! In the photos you will see Johnny using a beautiful MAKEUP FOREVER pallet created especially for him by the WONDERFUL folks over @ MUFE. When it comes to TOOLS he was working with the Billy B brushes from beginning to end. These brushes are lightweight and very soft I cant wait until I am able to invest in my own and leave Erin’s alone. By now you should know Billy B is the TRUTH and TRUST HIS brushes are ON POINT!!! If by chance you have been sleeping under a BRICK and don’t know Billy PLEASE VISIT: or better yet GOOGLE HIM. This guy Billy B. is the GREATEST living MAKEUP ICON of all times. YALL HIS BRUSHES MAKE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THE DIFFERENCE Trust ME!!!!! Johnny is a skin freak and has turned me out over great skin too. He uses plenty hydrants to keep the skin together hontee. Today J.L. decided to go with the YOUNGBLOOD concealer which was used to help perfect the skin. The one thing that I LIVE FOR about Youngblood is that the product made the skin flawless!!!!! With effortless motion and those lightweight Billy B brushes Johnny went to WORK!!!!! Youngblood is a mineral line that I FEEL may be better than MAC from what I see. As Johnny continued to add product after product to perfect his canvas I was sitting there mentally taking notes. Though most of the lessons I am learning from Johnny Lavoy are far beyond painting a beautiful face. My boy is passionate about his craft down to the detail of the packing of his kit. His dedication to the speedy and precise delivery of beauty makes him one of the most requested stylists in this business. MOVE ON WITH THE LOOK PLEASE!!! SORRY!!!! Next Johnny applies the luxurious Kissable Couture lip gloss to the lips to help make them soft, “kissable”, and of course BEAUTIFUL!!! For this look my boy decided to go with the shade “Forest.” The gloss was long lasting and the color was JUST RIGHT! Now we move into hair, which is where I was able to help out. With the Sedu Revolution Pro flat iron he killed this messy wavy look. Sedu makes the best flat iron on the market right now. The price point is GREAT compared to GHD and FHI AND you are getting a better quality iron. As Johnny slightly waved the hair with the Sedu he used very little styling aid to help lock the look into place. I hope I shared some information and remember to BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Once Egein (again for those of you who don’t speak Ghetto) JOHNNY hooked ya boy tha heck up. OK so while I was in NYC Johnny introduced me to an AMAZING photographer who has a REALLY Hott assistant! Well On my last day in the city we actually were able to work together. Let me mention that I had to pass up a chance to work with Makeup ICON Father Billy B. How does one do that?? I mean that was some crazy mess hontee on a crazy HOT day. Indeed it worked out for all parties involved at the end of the day. I was able to shoot with Daniel McCabe who is so smooth you will never know that YOU are even working in the building. Daniel has swag like a "brother" AKA black man and sounds like one on the phone too. He has to be one of the NICEST, REAL-IST, Most HUMBLE photographers that I know. Its one thing to be good behind the camera, but when you can make people feel appreciated THEN you have really done your job. I REALLY must wish every one I work with ALL the SUCCESS IN THE world!!! Thanks Egein Daniel for having me and I CANT WAIT TO DO IT Egein Brutha!!!!!!!!! It would be really fucked up of me to over look the other folks that were on set that day as well. As I waas uploading the pics I thought about it! One time for Pavel the photography assistant, the guy standing to your left. Then that makes Daniel the photographer on your right. Then there was Susie and Jessica. Thanks so much to the model, stylist and makeup artist you guys were the BEST I ever Had!!!!


Mornin’ Beautiful!

I am up and EVE this morning trying to DO a little somethin somethin!!! By now I am sure that many of you already know that I went to do Seventeen Magazine as a assistant with my brother, father, and dear friend Mr. Johnny Lavoy. You guys may also know that this man was nice enough to allow LIL OL ME to stay the week in his Manhattan apartment. These days you just don’t meet too many folks who will allow a total stranger the chance to come into ones private world. Not only did Jonny let me stay BUT he gave me the key and allowed me to remain there as he went to his other home in Conneticut. Now PLEASE DON’T get NO ideas hontee IT AINT NO HOTEL FREE FOR ALL!!!! YOU CANNOT CALL HIM UP AND ASK FOR THE KEYS!!!! I AM SPECIAL!!!! SORRY HONTEES BACK UP!!!!!!!!! You know black folks honey we will call and let Johnny have it. Then he's gonna look at me like "WHAT IN THE WORLD!! did you say on that blog of yours." However had I not shared with you my total experience I would have felt cheated in a way. Anywho I want to thank Heather Muir the beauty editor over at 17 for having us. She and her staff were amazing and they really took good care of us. Hontee the people over @ 17 LOVE LOVE LOVE Johnny and his work I am SO Happy for my PoP YALL JUST DON’T KNOW!!! I am praying that Heather gets a CODE 10 before the December issue comes out LOL. We GOTTA give a MAJOR SHOUT out to MY NEW BUDDY Brian Duprey the man with the Makeup Plan!!! He banged face after face as Johnny created beautiful hair one after the other. You had to have been there to see it … HONESTLY I felt like I could be in the way at times. I really wanted to do all I can to make this my 1st Assistant Job in NYC a good one. WELL folks Picture time I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SouthEast Slim MUSIC VIDEO

So I had the pleasure of working with the Talented SESlim on the set of his video! Lots of music, lots of girls, lots of drinks, and ME!!! I really believe this guy is going to make history so let be on the lookout!!! HERE we go DC!!!! Be sure to check him out @

More Hair and Makeup By ME!!!

Here a taste of some work I did with one of my favorite DC photographers!!! Yulia is the best AND she is gangsta!!! LOVE HER!!! I will put the others up when I get the disk next week. HOPE YOU LOVE IT!!!


She arrived with hair down her back!! 45 minutes with me and here is what you get!!! hope you like it!!! I have some pics of it curly too but they have not been touched yet so no you aint seein em'

Where The HECK IS WARREN B.???

OK so I have been SUPER BUSY BUT hontee my Grandmother is now viewing my page. SO I am a bit more concerned with my site only because I want her to see my work. Those of you who really know me know that I have a VERY Special place in my heart for family. Although I don’t get to see them as much as I want to I LOVE MY FAMILY YALL!!!! HEY Grandma (whom I talk to like 10 times a day SERIOUSLY)!!!
So yeah I have been busy like shit and I MUST PRAISE GOD for ALL THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS HE is giving to me!
Ideally I would like to go through each and every experience in GREAT detail but the odds of me actually completing that task are slim to none! Now if you see something that you may have questions about then JUST hit me up and I will TRY my best to reply. SOOOOOO I have had a gang of photo shoots, my 1st music video for this fine young rapper, my 1st national publication 17 magazine, a week in NYC with Johnny Lavoy, dinner with Billy B, and all kinds of other things. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I may actually be living my dreams. I am finding that it is SUPER easy to make your dream a reality if you just keep chasing. In the process of this dream chasing you may get a little weary, confused, and scared but ONLY if you KEEP MOVING!!!! You gotta keep pushing, keep working, keep trying as hard as you can to do all that you can to become the BEST!!!! Before I get into these photos I MUST say thanks to a few of my NEW FRIENDS!!! 1st yall Johnny Lavoy (google him honey) has been an AMAZING mentor, teacher, and friend!!! I TOTALLY cant say enough words to describe the LOVE that this man has shown me! It has been JUST like catching up with an old friend and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Johnny for introducing me to my world!! Thank you SO MUCH for giving a chance to be a part of your world!!! YOU MEAN the WORLD to ME!!
Gotta shout my girl over at scandalous beauty (google that too baby)!!!! YAZ I LOVE Erin who was recently named one of four TOP BEAUTY BLOGGERS by Essence Magazine!! With out this woman yall I wound just be Warren! Erin really created Warren B. and that means the world.
One TIME for Billy B Yall!!!! That’s whole other blog entry!!! NOT only is this man one of the GREATEST Makeup Artist (OoooooH don’t believe me google him too OK!!!) ANYWHO this man is more than Amazing on SO many levels. He and Johnny despite their success found it not robbery to give a young brother (sista if you like) a chance to walk in passion and I thank God for surrounding me with the greatest of the GREATS!
Enough of me talking here is some of what I have been up to!!

Oh and my lil brother Jadius the black male model made it to see Simon em’ @ American Idol CONGRATS BRUH!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natural Beauty!!!!!

Today’s beauty has come a long way from yesterday’s idea of glam. It’s funny because although we are traveling in a totally different direction when it comes to makeup and hair, all the basics still remain the same. Bold daring women still wear red lips and matching red nails. Black eyeliner and mascara are still every 15 year olds idea of a complete makeup kit, or at least a good start. Airbrush nail designs, pink, green, and yellow OPI still rocks in every nail salon in town. With everything from yesteryear still pumping hard today you may wonder what’s new in beauty. Well honey let me be the 1st to tell you real quickly, NOTHING is NEW OK! The color wheel has not changed so trust me the colors are still basically the same. Hair is still getting cut with clippers, razors, and shears so that’s nothing new. As you know I aint here to just shatter all your makeup and beauty dreams so let me get to the point. Yes there are lots of new products, new lines, and new technologies when it comes to beauty. Thank GOD for the many companies who have done so much to bring us the best in quality hair and makeup products over the years. BUT BUT BUT beautiful, the most important part of beauty today is knowing when enough is enough. To know when to pull out some of those makeup tricks from drag queens past. To know when to avoid liner and lipstick all together is what beauty has become. To be politely flirtatious with color is what beauty has become. No matter what techniques you use remember to BLEND that crease, those cheeks, and that lip liner to the MAX. It all about beautiful healthy looking skin, and doing what you feel everywhere else. Now PLEASE DONT ask me “I am a NC50 and I was wondering what shade blush should i use?” Well no shade Honey use a mirror and use products you think looks good on you. Don’t listen to your hating girlfriends, or the lil chick at the counter who just started. Do some research and choose practical colors that you think will look nice. With the right application and a good foundation (perfect skin – my new fav foundation) you should be good to go. Now here is some new work for you!!!