Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well beautiful I have a little secret that I would like to share…. I have fallen in love with a Kissable Couture. This new love is the perfect if you are looking for one really soft, glossy, lip. Enough already!!!!!!!! On a serious note one of my cool buddies (AJ Crimson) and Keisha Nash-Witaker (Forest Witaker’s Wife) own the most luxurious lipgloss collection. Kissable Couture launched in the summer of 07 (I think) and has been a hit ever since. These glosses have just the right amount of everything. Just enough color, just enough shine, and they are hydrating as well. I was able to get my hands on some of the collection at the Makeup Show in NYC. All the way down to the packaging I knew that this was going to be money well spent. Not only did I get a good product but I met one of the coolest Artist in the industry. AJ Crimson has worked with numerous celebrities and still finds time to communicate with a rising star like me. LOL. Currently AJ is touring with Brandy and Estelle so be on the look out for his fabulous work. If you are interested in the products just visit I love it and you should too!!!


When asked what is the most important part of a makeup application I must say it is your brows honey!!! You see it is simple to cover a pimple and easy to cover a scar. Baby it aint that easy to cover a bushy brow trust me I have tried and it does not work. Now there are many ways to create the perfectly arched brow. My first bit of advice as usual would be to seek a professional. Now some people have mastered the art of eyebrow arching and if you are one of those more power to you. If you like most American’s and myself it is not always so easy to do your own brows. Keep in mind this rule of thumb “they are sisters not twins.” This rule simply says that the brows will never be exactly the same. If you are having a hard time deciding which method to go with I hope these basic tips help.

The old fashioned method Straight Razor: this method is pretty painless unless the technician does not know what he or she is doing. You will get a really nice well-defined brow. The down side to the razor is that the hair grows back faster than other methods. If you go with the razor technique it is cheaper but you may have to get them maintained more often.

Then there is plucking… Plucking can be rather painful but once you get accustomed to it the pain is not as bad. With this method you can create a softer shape to your brow. You must be careful because it is easy to over pluck one hair can make a huge difference. If you pluck the hair excessively on a regular bases you can cause permanent hair loss. Most technician use the tweezers in conjunction with other methods just to clean up hairs left behind.

WAXING!!! This is by far I think the most popular. Yes it hurts no matter what people say. The good thing is that the pain wont last that long. With waxing you may not get that chiseled brow effect that you will get from other methods. The results will be more long lasting so you may only need to have the done bi-weekly.
Be sure that the technician is experienced!!!! You don’t want the wax to be too hot as it can tear the skin. I personally don’t think you should wax above the brow as it makes the brows look fake. You may want to stick with plucking the upper portion of the brow.

Threading… This is the newest craze in the states. This technique is a traditional Indian technique and sweetie it is fierce!!!! The biggest draw back is that is can hurt like heck. But the pros are: it is precision, long lasting, and inexpensive. Clearly you can see this is the method that I prefer I think it looks amazing. When I get my brows done I have them threaded.

No matter which method you choose be sure to find a good “Brow Lady…” Once you find a good one STICK WITH HER and I promise she will never let you down. Remember that the brows are the foundation of a beautiful makeup. And even if you decide to go wash face (without makeup) then you can trust that your brows are done so you still look your best.

Yves Saint Laurent

Well I have a ban against men’s fragrances… I DON’T wear them AT ALL. I found out years ago that there is something about most men’s fragrances that just make my head spin. My dresser is filled with over 30 types of women’s fragrance that compliment my body chemistry to a T. Whenever I wear perfume people always ask “what are you wearing.” One of my favorite fragrances is Elle by YSL. There is something about this fragrance that really moves me. Elle is a wonderful blend of floral and woodsy notes including peony, pink berries, and patchouli. It come in 3 sizes and retail between $61-$109. My bottle is a little less than half full and it is time for another. If you go out and purchase one before I get mine please let me know what you think.

Friday, January 30, 2009


When asked whom do I look up to in this business there are 2 names that come to mind… clearly Johnny is one of them. I came to know Johnny all because of my motivation (Erin B.). Erin had been talking about this guy who was an amazing artist and hairstylist. At first I was like well if he does both then his makeup may not be that great. Well let me be the first to say I was SO WRONG!!!! Erin brought me a makeup magazine that had some of Johnny’s work. When I saw the images I was totally floored. Johnny combined some of the most amazing colors I had ever seen on this beautiful dark chocolate skin. Being that Johnny did hair I felt that we had a bit of a common bond. So a few months went by and Erin went to New York Fashion Week and worked with Billy B. (the 2nd name that comes to mind). While in NY Erin calls me frantically and says “You will never believe who asked about you by name.” At this point I am going crazy and responded “Girl WHO???” She said Johnny Lavoy!!!!! I was floored again… So I guess by now you know that I am a huge fan of this guy. My intrigue goes beyond him knowing me on a first name bases. You see Johnny Lavoy is humble, talented, and approachable. He has over 20 years of experience as a salon owner and he also works for Ford Models under Ford Artist. This guy really inspires me to keep my head in the game!!! Johnny here is to you kid!!!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HIS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE!!! He provides a wealth of knowledge on the latest looks and trends...


Some folk are really relaxed when it comes to skincare. Many of us go to the CVS and local Wal-Mart store to purchase product to treat our faces with. I will admit I was a Neutrogena junkie for a long time. Honestly I think that if you must buy from CVS Neutrogena is the best. Origin’s is rather inexpensive and for my skin seems to be rather gentle. I LOVE Origin’s “Checks and Balances” which is a VERY frothy foaming face wash. If you don’t mind spending a little more and you want to see real results I would suggest you go with Obagi Nu-Derm. Now I am one who gets all excited about new systems. Once the newness wears off I kinda take short cuts. When I am on my Obagi I see my skin at it’s best. The system will cause you to peel but I promise if you can take that you will be amazed at the outcome. Now yes once again anything good is worth paying for. You may also have to go to a dermatologist or a Med Spa to get your hand on this product… I hope you enjoy!!!!

Bold Eye Nude Lip

With this makeup look I decided to try something a little different for me. I wanted to do a bold smokey eye with a totally nude lip. Now I do smokey eyes a lot and I try to do them in various colors. I wanted to keep the skin nice and flawless. In the eyes I used the paintpot in painterly as my base… I LOVE PAINTPOTS!!! I applied a light white shimmer shadow on the lid. In the crease I used knight divine though the entire crease and black tied just about ½ way and carbon on the corner. My favorite blacktrack to line the top. Engraved liner on the bottom smuged with a 219 brush. On the cheeks I did a hint of bronzer with a soft pink blush. Lip conditioner on the lip with concealer and stripdown MAC lip pencil. Filled the brows in with lingering eyebrow pencil MAC….

Foundation Is Key!!!

Ok beautiful lets just go over a few basic tips when it comes to FOUNDATION!!!! First and foremost you never want your foundation to look like you are wearing any at all.. The purpose is not to change you skin color or to hide any major imperfections. Foundation is used to provide a natural flawless finish to the skin. The most two most important parts of wearing foundation is one be sure that you have the correct tone and formula. Secondly you MUST have the correct shade!!! If when you look in the mirror you seem to have something on your skin the you have something wrong… Here I have provided a list of formulas and the results. I hope this helps!!!!

Stick Foundation: Is more of a cream foundation and concealer in one. It works best for normal to dry skin. It will provide more coverage and is very simple to apply and work AMAZING for photos!!!

Liquid Foundation: Most common foundation because it works for just about everyone. Liquid foundation gives good coverage and there are many formulas to choose from. A majority of cosmetic companies have different forms of liquid foundation for normal, dry, combination and oily.

Cream Foundation: This can be used as a concealer or as a foundation and it gives flawless coverage. Cream foundation is mostly used on dry skin because it tends to be of a heavier consistency.

Mousse Foundation: Mousse foundation is a cream foundation which has been whipped. It provides a sheerer coverage. It is great for more mature skin because mousse foundation will not settle into fine lines.

Tinted Moisturizer: Tinted moisturizer is a moisturizer which had a bit of color added. It gives little coverage which makes it GREAT for people who don’t want much coverage. I LIVE FOR TINTED MOISTURIZER!!!

Cream to Powder: It is used mostly for oily skin and gives more of a medium coverage.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation is ideal for people who are low maintainance when it comes to makeup. Good for young girl who have just begin wearing makeup. Be cautious when choosing the shade with this one. Once the oil in your skin mixes with this foundation it will get a tad darker.
Spray Foundation: This is a fairly new product which provides a sheer coverage. I think spray works great as a summer foundation because it is so light. DO NOT spray it directly to the face as it can get into your hair and eyes. Spray the product on the brush then apply to the face.

Hello Beautiful

This is my first post and I am SO EXCITED!!! I hope that you all find the information here relevant and useful. My blog spot is a place where man and women can come and gain information on skin maintenance, hair care, and makeup. With all the products and services now provided to today’s consumer it is easy for all of up to get confused. Even I sometimes overwhelmed by the millions of beauty products and countless beauty stores across the globe. Beautiful I am hear to help ease you fear and make things easy for you to understand. My first piece of advice would be to take the time out to pamper your skin and hair. I am not saying that you have to go out and spend a ridiculous amount of money on a face cream. Be sure that you find products that work well for you and your skin type. If you have sensitive skin try to go for products that have more natural ingredients like Origin’s or Kiehl’s. On the other had if you have problem skin that is prone to outbreaks I would highly recommend that you see a dermatologist who can give you product that you cant purchase in the stores. Your skin is your passport and it is the first thing that people notice so you MUST take good care of it. What better way to showcase your sassy haircut and designer apparel than to have a gorgeous glow to wear with it. Listed below are a few of the skin care brands that I am familiar with and ones that I trust. Hope that you enjoy!!! Be Bold, Be Strong, Be Beautiful!!!



My favorite lashes happen to be MAC #20. These lashes are half lashes and easy to apply. They give you just enough everything without being too much. You can wear the #20’s on a daily bases or save them for specials events. I have found that these lashes are very natural yet they still give you a hint of drama. NOW here is a secret if you cant get to you local MAC store to get #20 lashes… Go to CVS and get a pair of nice full lashes cut them in half now you have 2 for 1. When applying lashes be sure to do you entire eye makeup first (liner and mascara as well). Apply lashes the apply an addition coat of fluidline and mascara.

222 MAC Tapered Blending Brush- Is GREAT for blending the crease. Will give you a fine defined crease if used properly.

219 MAC Pencil Brush- This brush is one that use on EVERY client. It is great for blending the liner to create more of a smoked effect. You can also use it in the crease to “cut” the crease and make the crease color more defined.


Introdued to the wonderful world of fashion and beauty at a very early age Warren b. has become a makeup and hair maven. With a natural eye for all things beautiful he is always pushing to compose creative and meaningful work. Prefected skin, brows, and cropped hair is Warren’s idea of ultimate beauty. “When it comes to makeing a woman beautiful, a full face of makeup is not a necessity". – Warren b. His reality of beauty is that less is always more. His exceptional work ethic and commitment to his craft has afforded him many great opportunities. Warren has represented M.A.C. cosmetics as Makeup Artist to Cycle Five ANTM winner Nicole. He has worked with former Destiny's Child member grammy nominated artist LeToya Luckett. Warren is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need working with inner city teens this summer in DC. With countless photo shoots, runway shows, and weddings under his belt Warren b. is now prepared to transform any woman into a LADY!!! Every stroke of the brush helps put him one step closer to becoming one of the World’s Greatest Artist. Warren b. credits his success to God without whom he believes none of this would have been possible. He also give much LOVE and Respect to his late mother who showed him just how to live in this world.

Warren b. has a few special friends that have inspired him and helped to mold his career. He wants to take this time to extend a sincere thank you to all of the people who have had a hand in shaping his talent: Scandalous Beauty (Erin Bailey), Johnny LaVoy, Billy B., Kevyn Aucoin, Kelly Chung, Oscar James, Kimberly Kimble, Sam Fine, Preston, and AJ Crimson.

“The walk down this road started a long time ago… But the journey has just began…”
– Warren b.

True beauty is simply enhancing what God blessed you with, NOT reconstructing it.”
- Warren b.


It is Warren b’s idea that beauty is at the hand of the creator. Makeup and hair is simply a medium that we use to enhance the natural beauty that creator has allowed us to possess.

Warren b. is dedicated to empowering men and women to unlock their natural beauty within. Creating a flawless makeup played up with breathtaking hair he has been able to find a common ground upon which beauty is built.