Friday, January 30, 2009


Introdued to the wonderful world of fashion and beauty at a very early age Warren b. has become a makeup and hair maven. With a natural eye for all things beautiful he is always pushing to compose creative and meaningful work. Prefected skin, brows, and cropped hair is Warren’s idea of ultimate beauty. “When it comes to makeing a woman beautiful, a full face of makeup is not a necessity". – Warren b. His reality of beauty is that less is always more. His exceptional work ethic and commitment to his craft has afforded him many great opportunities. Warren has represented M.A.C. cosmetics as Makeup Artist to Cycle Five ANTM winner Nicole. He has worked with former Destiny's Child member grammy nominated artist LeToya Luckett. Warren is always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need working with inner city teens this summer in DC. With countless photo shoots, runway shows, and weddings under his belt Warren b. is now prepared to transform any woman into a LADY!!! Every stroke of the brush helps put him one step closer to becoming one of the World’s Greatest Artist. Warren b. credits his success to God without whom he believes none of this would have been possible. He also give much LOVE and Respect to his late mother who showed him just how to live in this world.

Warren b. has a few special friends that have inspired him and helped to mold his career. He wants to take this time to extend a sincere thank you to all of the people who have had a hand in shaping his talent: Scandalous Beauty (Erin Bailey), Johnny LaVoy, Billy B., Kevyn Aucoin, Kelly Chung, Oscar James, Kimberly Kimble, Sam Fine, Preston, and AJ Crimson.

“The walk down this road started a long time ago… But the journey has just began…”
– Warren b.

True beauty is simply enhancing what God blessed you with, NOT reconstructing it.”
- Warren b.


It is Warren b’s idea that beauty is at the hand of the creator. Makeup and hair is simply a medium that we use to enhance the natural beauty that creator has allowed us to possess.

Warren b. is dedicated to empowering men and women to unlock their natural beauty within. Creating a flawless makeup played up with breathtaking hair he has been able to find a common ground upon which beauty is built.

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