Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well beautiful I have a little secret that I would like to share…. I have fallen in love with a Kissable Couture. This new love is the perfect if you are looking for one really soft, glossy, lip. Enough already!!!!!!!! On a serious note one of my cool buddies (AJ Crimson) and Keisha Nash-Witaker (Forest Witaker’s Wife) own the most luxurious lipgloss collection. Kissable Couture launched in the summer of 07 (I think) and has been a hit ever since. These glosses have just the right amount of everything. Just enough color, just enough shine, and they are hydrating as well. I was able to get my hands on some of the collection at the Makeup Show in NYC. All the way down to the packaging I knew that this was going to be money well spent. Not only did I get a good product but I met one of the coolest Artist in the industry. AJ Crimson has worked with numerous celebrities and still finds time to communicate with a rising star like me. LOL. Currently AJ is touring with Brandy and Estelle so be on the look out for his fabulous work. If you are interested in the products just visit I love it and you should too!!!


Anonymous said...

trying to load the Kissable Couture site now - would love to try these glosses!

Seymone said...

Yes Yes Yes.. I love Kissable Couture. Especially the coconut smell.