Friday, January 30, 2009


My favorite lashes happen to be MAC #20. These lashes are half lashes and easy to apply. They give you just enough everything without being too much. You can wear the #20’s on a daily bases or save them for specials events. I have found that these lashes are very natural yet they still give you a hint of drama. NOW here is a secret if you cant get to you local MAC store to get #20 lashes… Go to CVS and get a pair of nice full lashes cut them in half now you have 2 for 1. When applying lashes be sure to do you entire eye makeup first (liner and mascara as well). Apply lashes the apply an addition coat of fluidline and mascara.

222 MAC Tapered Blending Brush- Is GREAT for blending the crease. Will give you a fine defined crease if used properly.

219 MAC Pencil Brush- This brush is one that use on EVERY client. It is great for blending the liner to create more of a smoked effect. You can also use it in the crease to “cut” the crease and make the crease color more defined.


Amina said...

thank you for sharing your favorites. I am taking notes

Tantalizing Eyez said...

Great tip on the lashes.