Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was talking to my little cousin Jalisa tonight she mentioned something to me that I thought I would share with you. Jalisa is considering getting color and she already knows that it is going to dry her hair out. She was saying that she wanted to get a light oil that she could apply to her hair to help lock in the moisture. Moist oils can be light if you only use a little. Any product in excess can cause you to have a nasty build-up, which is not BEAUTIFUL. Like I told you before if your hair is dry you need to condition and treat on a regular. If you are natural and want to rock a blow out this product is good for you too trust me. CHI Silk Infusion is an amazing serum, which I would suggest you use rather than your hair oil. With this serum a little goes a very long way. The most amazing part of this CHI product is that it WILL NOT leave a build up. I use Silk Infusion with EVERY client. My normal process is to shampoo, condition, and then mix a pea size on leave-in conditioner with Silk Infusion. Apply you mixture to damp hair then blow dry. Once the hair is dry I apply a little more Silk Infusion then I press the hair with the FHI Iron. TRUST ME is you do this your hair will be more than amazing!!!! TRUST ME ON THIS ON… This product is my new best friend and it is not that expensive so go get some so that you can BE BEAUTIFUL!!!! MUAH!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Look!!!

This is yet another amazing makeup and hair look created by yours truly. As you can see I kept the brows kind of unmaintained. Sometime a natural brow works best when you are going overboard in other areas. I am sure that by now you see that I love doing smokey eyes. Because I am trying to master the smokey look I tend to do it often. You can refer to my other smokey eye work to get the details on how to recreate this look. The basic rule of thumb is that if you are going to do a dramatic eye you need to do a more muted lip. For the lips I decided to fill them in with a rose liner and apply a clear gloss on top. Liner on the lips tends to last longer than just lipstick. I stacked two pairs of dramatic lashes, which helps the eye makeup look even more dramatic. The skin looks pretty clean although I used a lot of product. Most editorial makeup is a lot of nothing to create a flawless look.
With the hair I did ribbon curls (spirals) with a 2-inch barrel curler. Once the curls were complete I finger combed everything forward to create volume in the front. Back combing the hair slightly to add a little more fullness. Pining the hair randomly will secure the style and help it last. After you have everything in position you can spray it with a medium hold holding spray followed with a bit of shine spray.
I really enjoyed working on this shoot, which allowed me to do me. If you have any questions on any of the products or techniques that were used feel free to send me a comment or an email… Till then BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shine On

Hey beautiful I know it has been a while BUT I am not allowed to take my MAC to work anymore. Most nights I work late and when I finally get home I am fit for the bed. The response I have received from my blog has been tremendous and I really appreciate your support. NOW on with the reports!!!!!
One of the biggest complaints that I receive at my salon is the sight of dry looking hair. In order to correct the issue of dry hair you must get down to the root of the problem. In most cases dry hair is a sign of over-processed or color treated hair, which drains the hair of its natural moisture. Once the hair has been robbed of its moisture it can be rather difficult to get it back on point. Dry hair will break very easy so you must be sure to handle it with care and condition it regularly. I would highly recommend that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner daily. Follow up your daily shampoo with a weekly treatment some people like hot oil some like moisturizing treatments. No matter what treatment you decide to go with you should wrap the hair with the treatment and saran wrap then process under a hot dryer for 30 minutes. The saran wrap will help to steam the moisture into the hair and make for a deeper conditioning.
Now most of us need a daily shine more of a quick fix spray. There are many spray shine products on the market now. Silicone based sprays seem to have become the most popular in recent years. The silicone sprays can be a bit heavy and the light ones don’t last long. The other option is oil sheen spray, which is the worse type of shine to use on your hair. Oil sheen has alcohol and can dry the hair out even more so you would want to stay away from that. My new favorite shine spray is Shine On by Biosilk. Shine On is very light but it provides the most amazing shine. Be careful because a little goes a long way so you don’t want to over do it. This spray will protect your hair from the sun so it is like sunscreen for the hair. Shine On also helps to cut down on frizz. If you want you hair to look polished and to SHINE ON then I hope you go get the Biosilk shine spray.
Well as you know it is late and I am sleepy but I had to let you guys know that I am still in full effect. Be sure to comment and email I love to hear from you. Ask plenty of questions so that I can have something to talk about!!!
Tell then BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Creating the warrenBbeautiful blog has been such an amazing experience. Over the course of the past 2 weeks I have been contacted by some of the most amazing people in the industry. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share with all of you my first interview with the dynamic AJ Crimson. AJ is a visionary and makeup artist to the stars. His work has placed him in a league of his own. This morning I arose to a text for Mr. Crimson “Can we do the interview now” I immediately responded, “YES”. A few moments later I received a phone call from AJ himself who was calling me from the set of a new Belvedere Ad campaign with recent Grammy winner Estelle in New York City. Answering the phone with the morning still in my voice it took a few minutes to get my computer up. AJ clearly realizing that his text woke me up asked “Do you want me to call you a little later?” You already know that I was not going to delay this interview any further. I started with my first question asking him how long he had been in the business. It amazes me just how much AJ has accomplished in his 6 years of service and experience. His brushes have dusted the faces of Brandy, Fergie, Keyisha Cole, Estelle, Hillary Duff, and former Destiny Child member now platinum selling solo artist LeToya. AJ and I spoke about his first experience working with a celebrity. Good thing for him is that his first celeb was someone he knew before she made her big break. Crimson was working with Will I AM on a catalog when he first met Fergie. Over time they became friends and kept in contact with one another. When it was time to shoot the “Where Is The Love” video AJ was the man chosen as the Key Artist. The Black Eyed Peas video was Crimson’s first major project and Fergie was his first celebrity client. He did admit that experience was a bit scary and “there was a lot going on with so many people to please”. During the shooting of this video AJ found himself so far away from the times that he was paid $75 for his first gig. That first job created so much excitement and made AJ realize that he could actually get paid for doing makeup. Getting paid now he is but for AJ it is not just about the money. Crimson moved to Los Angeles with just $400 to his name and you see how persistence pays off. Because AJ didn’t give up he is now working regularly with hip-hop’s newest British sensation Estelle. If you saw the 51st Annual Grammys you saw Estelle perform with Kanye West. Her look was on 1000 and AJ was the mastermind behind it. “The dress was like glass and very futurist so I wanted to recreate the look of glass in the makeup without using silver” says Crimson. He pulled inspiration from Audrey Hepburn with the winged liner one of his signature techniques. Crimson says “I wanted the makeup to be minimal but impactful” and I was totally impacted by this work. So much so I had to text AJ the night of the Grammys to congratulate him on a beautiful makeup. Then it dawned on me that I was connected to someone who was actually doing makeup at the Grammys… OK… AJ finds his inspiration in many places from Art to Vogue. Tim Walker is one of Crimson’s favorite photographers and he looks to him for inspiration as well. There is so much on the horizon for this star makeup artist. He is looking forward to pumping LeToya with a fresh look for her new album. Crimson says “It’s all about color with LeToya this time around I want to do something light, fresh, and polished.” He says the he will be using the new Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which he describes as butter on the skin. AJ also cannot live without Dior Show and Blackout Mascaras. You may have guessed that the Kissable Couture Collection is another one of his most favorite products. I would defiantly suggest that you try his amazing line of luxury lip-glosses. Crimson mention that he thought he was done being an artist working for artist once his line came out. Now his artist flame has been rekindled with his collaborations with his newest clients. AJ Crimson has reached the point in his career where is more able to express his feelings and artist ideas on a variety of amazing performing artist. Gone are the days when every job was a job to be done. Now AJ is able to be more selective with his work and assignments. He says that his me time is when he is busy working however he still finds time in his busy schedule to enjoy friends and family. AJ realizes how much he as grown in the past six years and is looking forward to what the future has to offer. Currently Crimson is working on a book and a 13 episode web series. When it comes to music AJ is currently listening to one of my favorite songs “Hello” by Beyonce. I asked my dear friend to share some advice with those of us who are interested in becoming celebrity makeup artist. “You should focus on being the best you can be. Don’t focus on the title just keep you mind set on greatness.” I personally want to thank AJ Crimson for taking the time out to give me a wakeup call. Actually he helped me to get to work on time. We wish AJ the best that life has to offer and pray that GOD will continue to pour out showers of blessings upon everything his hands touch. OH yeah and thanks also for entertaining me in general and I promise I wont call so late. LoL….

Monday, February 9, 2009

NUNU the model!!!

This is a beauty look that I did for a new model friend of mine Miss Nunu. I really just want to share with all of you my process. First of all we started with a model that has the most amazing skin. Perfect skin is something that money cannot buy honey. On second thought if you don’t mind spending some money you can perfect the skin that you have. So we began with a little moisture to get the skin conditioned for the makeup application. There are many moisturizers on the market and they all do different things. Use the product of your choice the one that works best for you. Once the skin is ready I start my process working with the eyes first. Beginning with the eyes first makes for easier clean up of unwanted eyeshadow from the skin. With Nunu I begin the eye by perfecting the brow. I used spiked brow pencil by MAC and a bit of a reddish brown eye shadow and a angle brush to perfect the brow. When filling in the brows you don’t want to go too dark. Dark brows draw too much attention to the brow and looks animated. Once the brows are complete you can then apply a thing layer of eye primer to the lid. In this case I used MAC eye paint in bamboom with the 252 brush. I then go back in with a really light concealer and highlight under the brow bringing it downward towards the crease. Blend Blend Blend.. Use a 224 brush to blend the base with concealer. Now you can apply the lid color with a 234 brush I used MAC Woodwinked shadow on the lid. Pack the lid color on heavy and blend it up into the crease with a 224 brush. In the crease I used MAC Browndown shadow with a 224. On the corner I used MAC Embark and Carbon with a 219 brush blended with the 224. Line the upper and lower lid with Blacktrack fluidline. With the skin I did a lot of contouring and highlighting. To highlight I went the MAC Stick Foundation in NC 35 under the eyes in the forehead and the bridge of the nose. In the cheeks and around the hairline I contoured with the stick in NW 55. I used the stick in Nunu’s skin one on the remainder of the face. BLEND BLEND BLEND with a 109 brush. Apply bronzer in Refined Deeper Bronze. Blush in Raizin and Ambering Rose, which are amazing for darker skin tones. Highlight a little more with a bronzy pigment and a fan brush. I went with a nude lip using MAC BBQ liner and a little lip conditioner. Complete the look with corner lashes, which are my favorite!!! There you have it a natural beauty look for a dark skin girl… If you have any other questions feel free… BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

J Hud 51st Grammy Awards

Well beautiful you know that I am SO IN LOVE with Jennifer Hudson. I would assume that by now you guys think that I am in love with so many different people and things. On a more personal note I do truly respect EVERYTHING that J Hud stands for. She and her fiancĂ© looked stunning at that 51st Annual Grammy Awards. Jennifer performed a very emotional rendition of my new favorite track from her self-titled album. The song “You Pulled Me Through” brought tears to her eyes as she gave it all she had. Miss. Hudson appeared at the Grammy’s in a very cute black, whit, and grey dress, which I thought was amazing. Her eyes looked totally amazing honey she was pumping!!! It looked like Jennifer had MAC Vex on the lid mixed with Idol Eyes. Her crease was very dark giving Black Tied with Carbon on the corner to add more drama. It is my guess that her eye could have been lined with Blacktrack fluid line and Engraved Pencil. For the lips I see a Mahogany liner with Viva Glam 6 gloss. On the skin Jennifer wore very natural foundation with Pink Bronze Pigment as a highlighter. During her performance J Hud went for a snatched pony and a very nice bun for the hair. This young starlet never fails to entertain me. Jennifer girl you burned it up and yes you were pumping all night. Warren B. Beautiful would like to congratulate Jennifer Hudson on her Grammy for Best R&B Album. Jennifer WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep You Eyes On!!!

Ok so I no longer work at a makeup counter I am working fulltime in a salon. As clients come in to get serviced I cant help but to peep their makeup. One of the most common issues I am noticing is with the eyes. It seems that some ladies are having difficulty keep their eye makeup on. If you are one that’s having issues keeping the cosmetic on the skin I have a solution. EYE PRIMER or EYE BASE… MAC has the most amazing base in the world. Actually there are two to choose from eye paint or paint pots. Now the eye paint is more emollient and is amazing for all skin types. For lighter skin go with bare canvas… darker skin go with bamboom… Paint pots are less messy and a little less emollient with a plethora of colors to choose from. Basically you just want to use a firm brush to apply a small amount of base to the lid before you begin to apply the shadow. Beautiful I promise this one little step will help your makeup last much longer. Good LUCK and Be Beautiful.

Say My Name... Say My Name!!! Johnny Lavoy said mine...

Ok folks so how about this for a shout out… If you have been following my blog over that past week or so then you know I LOVE Jonny Lavoy. Not in love in a physical way just in love with Him and his contribution to my craft. I blogged about how his work has help me to develop as an artist. My respect for Johnny goes deep all because I know that not only is he good he is also REAL!!!! I could go on and on about how much I live for him and how good his work is. Truth is if you have never seen his work for yourself then my words will never measure up to the real thing. I guess by now you are wondering what the hell I am talking about… Well see Johnny Lavoy mentioned MY name on one of his amazing youtube videos. Hopefully you like the video a much as I enjoyed hearing JL say my name. Johnny totally just made my entire month and I plan to share it with as many people as I can. You be sure to pass on the good news as well. It is my recommendation that you guys follow Johnny’s videos as he shares some really good techniques and advice. When I left my job at MAC I went to South Carolina for a month. While I was in SC I watched every video He ever made. Johnny I also stumbled across those pics of you for Billy B. CUTE!!!! Anyway guys I really hope you fall in love with Johnny as much as Erin (scandalousbeauty) and I have!!!! Be Beautiful!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kimberly Kimble

When I think of today’s hair designers there are two that really stand out in my mind. That is crazy because I have two favorite makeup artists and two favorite hairstylists. If you ever wonder who was behind Beyonce’s lovely mane and Mary J’s luxurious tresses read on. Kimberly Kimble has taken the hair biz by storm. She is a trendsetter whose celebrity client list goes on and on. Kim gave Mary her greatest looks of all time remember the bun with the braid she did that. Or what about the “We Ride” video she did that too. And for Miss Beyonce she has been doing her for a while. Ms. Kimble was the lead hair guru on the set of the movie Dreamgirls where she worked the hell out of those wigs. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly at the Premiere Hair Show in Orlando, Florida. Not only is this woman talented but she is sweet as well. Her success has made her one of the top stylist of all times. Kim is proficient with all hair types and she a diva when it comes to weaves. I give Kimberly Kimble so much respect for contribution to the fashion community. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check her out @ If you are ever in the LA area you should see of you can schedule an appointment at the Kimble Hair Studio. Kim has made it where we can all share a little piece of her. She has some of the most amazing hair product that you should check out as well… With all due respect I salute the amazingly talented Kimberly Kimble.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

FHI Runway

If you are looking for the best flatiron known to man try the FHI Runway. You guys already know that I have expensive taste and this iron will set you back a bit. The good thing about the FHI is that it is the best!!! This iron will straighten ANY hair type. Extremely coarse hair is no match for the FHI Runway. CHI nor GHD can stand next to this ceramic tool. I would suggest that you not use this iron everyday unless your hair is natural. If you have a relaxer do not use this iron on a daily bases. Heat protectant products are ideal to be used in conjunction with your FHI irons. You can create the most amazing ribbon curls (spirals) with the FHI Iron. Now as I said this iron is pricy but they come with a pretty good warranty. If you are in the market for an amazing ceramic the FHI Runway is the best one on the market…. Bar none…

Cosmetic Surgery!!! One of MY FAVORITE THINGS...

My Grandmother has been saying “Boy if you don’t stop you gonna look like Michael Jackson…” LOL

Open a magazine, turn on the television, log on to your laptop and you will see just how much we are obsessed with beauty. Beyond beauty today’s culture seems to be looking for perfection. With every advertisement and marketing strategy we see the worlds most beautiful faces trying to sell us something. Society has made looks and a perfected look top priority. All this attention being placed on beauty has caused many of us to run to the nearest cosmetic surgeon and attempt to perfect our image. I will be the first to say that I AM a VERY BIG FAN of cosmetic surgery. I think it can do a lot to improve your appearance and the way that you feel about yourself. Let me stop and say that I hope this entry does not turn you against Warren B Beautiful. Surgery can be abused and misused to create some very scary sights. If used properly and if treated by an experienced MD you can really create a semi flawless look. There are many people who are totally overdone and look a hot mess. There are others like me who know when enough is enough. Some people are totally against tampering with what God created. Let me be the first to say that I LOVE the LORD and I thank Him and praise Him for all that HE has done for me. God give all people gifts specific to the individual. Being a skilled cosmetic surgeon is a gift from God.
So the first step in your journey to surgery is to find a skilled surgeon. Be sure that you do your research. When you begin to do things to your body you don’t want to be cheap about it. WHATEVER you do DON’T go to a foreign country that can be a very big mistake. You create another list of risk when you begin to travel out of the U.S. to have procedures done. Honestly you are not going to save a great deal of money unless you are having some extensive work done. I made the mistake of going out of the states to have a rhinoplasty (nose job). My result is ok but I really wish I would have done it here so I am doing it again. Step two: make sure that you have realistic goals. Don’t go trying to recreate your face to look like someone you are not… you will hate it. Once you have surgery done you will be in shock when you see yourself for the first time. You may not like your look once the bandage comes off. Trust me honey once the swelling goes down and you get accustomed to the new you… YOU WILL BE IN LOVE all over again!!!! After your first procedure you will be hooked. I totally wish I could afford to have everything on my plastic wish list done. We all know that surgery can be pricy so I will be doing a little at a time. Yes I know what you are thinking…. “What does he need to do to his face”…. My response “Just wait and see”. Finally I know that you are all wondering what I have done so far sorry that is one beauty secret I cannot share. Please let me know if you have done, are planning to, or would like to have work done… Always remember that natural beauty is totally amazing. No doctor can produce anything greater than what God has given us. Fact is that many of us are simply not satisfied and there is nothing wrong with that either. Like it or not surgery is here to stay just be modest and educated about what you are getting into. Till later be beautiful!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

THE Original FIRST LADY!!!

Today American’s have their eyes fix on the newest beauty and fashion icon. This woman has taken the fashion and beauty world by surprise. Her new life in The White House sets the perfect stage for more fashion, more beauty, and more glam. Michelle Obama is a woman who is in a league of her own when it comes to her personal style. She plays by her own rules and according to me is winning every match. Now I will say that I wish she had me there for the Inaugural Balls. For the swearing in she was DONE to the MAX (meaning: I really liked what she had on). Ladies we can now look to Madame First Lady for all of our beauty needs. Her layered bob which is blown out, flat ironed, and bumped for body is the perfect style of any woman. I have given you the steps to achieve this look just make sure that you get a professional cut. The cut is the foundation of any good hairstyle. Shampoo your hair and condition it well. Apply a bit of leave-in conditioner and a bit of styling mousse for added body. Now you can either sit under a dryer for about 20 to remove most of the moisture. Or you can blow dry it with a hand dryer and a paddle brush. Once the hair is dry apply a small amount of styling serum and flat iron. Once the hair is straight curl it with a large barrel iron (BUMPER IRON). After the curls are locked in use the paddle brush to wrap the hair around the head. Go ahead and do your makeup and get dressed. Now that you are completely ready take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair down. There you have “The Michelle Obama”. Stay tuned as I will be covering Michelle’s makeup. Congratulations Mrs. Obama welcome to DC I am here to serve YOU!!!! BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

NOTE: In this photo it seems that Michelle may have had a roller wrap. The hair has been properly shampooed and conditioned. Leave-in applied and hair set on large rollers (be sure not to use a setting agent that will leave a build up). Once the hair is completely dried use a large paddle brush and brush the hair in all directions to get rid of the parts left from the set. Brush all the hair straight down and wrap it around the head. Tighten it up with a boar bristle brush. Sit under a dryer for 15 minutes the comb down and you are done….

Check OUT!!!!!!!

Scandalous Beauty is another beauty blog that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in anything beauty. First I must thank my girl ERIN B. or Erin "Bizzel" who has inspired me to accomplish so much. Erin has become one of my best friends since I moved here to DC just over a year ago. She has introduced me to some of the most amazing makeup artist (Johnny Lavoy and Billy B.). We have shared some great experiences together… From the Makeup Show in NY to dinner with Janet Jackson’ Glam Squad we have seen it all. If it had not been for this woman I would not be where I am today. She knows so much about products and the who’s who in the industry. Thanks SO MUCH ERIN for believing in me and always encouraging me to press on in spite of… In the year that we have know each other we have grown past professional associates, we are friends. Friendship is good for the soul. Much LOVE and success to Scandalous Beauty!!!!!!

Don't Let The Winter Dry Out Your Hair!!!

Many of you may be having some issues with maintaining your hair during the chill of the winter months. It seems that the cold weather tends to dry the hair completely out. During the winter months you need to be sure that you are using your moisturizing conditioners and shampoos. It is also a good idea to do a moisturizing treatment as well. I also know that you ladies like to wear your wool and cotton hats during the winter. Wool and cotton hats are great to protect you from the cold BUT they are the worst for your hair. See wool and cotton absorb your hairs moisture and will dry you out if worn on a daily bases. You should be sleeping on a satin or silk pillowcase at night if you are not wearing a silk scarf. You can also use a silk scarf under those damaging hats as a barrier from the dryng materials. These practices will help to maintain healthy hair from the damage that winter can cause. If you are looking for a good product to help boost the moisture in your hair here is one. I HIGHLY recommend the Drench system by Sebastian. Drench is an amazing highly moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that will make your hair feel wonderful. Best Wishes and Many Beautiful Tresses!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jennifer Hudson

Ok so you just watched one of my all time favorite entertainers... This girl has been through so much and yet she blow this one out the park. Looking so lovely in a black and white get up with a HOTT military jacket... Face was painted to the highest Gods and hair snatched to perfection. Enough about the beauty for a second... As you may know by now I am connected to so many people on different levels and for different reasons. My connection to J.H. is one that I MUST explain. We both auditioned of Idol clearly she got further than I did. The sad thing is that we were both in Tampa, FL (my hometown) when we found out that our mothers passed away. Finally she was back in Tampa to make her debut after all that she had been through. Well Jennifer is my girl and someday I will do her makeup and/or hair. Until we meet (and we will) I will continue to walk with her in spirit!!!! Jennifer i LOVE YOU!!! I pray that GOD will continue to bless and keep up!!! BE BEAUTIFUL!!!