Monday, February 2, 2009

Check OUT!!!!!!!

Scandalous Beauty is another beauty blog that I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in anything beauty. First I must thank my girl ERIN B. or Erin "Bizzel" who has inspired me to accomplish so much. Erin has become one of my best friends since I moved here to DC just over a year ago. She has introduced me to some of the most amazing makeup artist (Johnny Lavoy and Billy B.). We have shared some great experiences together… From the Makeup Show in NY to dinner with Janet Jackson’ Glam Squad we have seen it all. If it had not been for this woman I would not be where I am today. She knows so much about products and the who’s who in the industry. Thanks SO MUCH ERIN for believing in me and always encouraging me to press on in spite of… In the year that we have know each other we have grown past professional associates, we are friends. Friendship is good for the soul. Much LOVE and success to Scandalous Beauty!!!!!!


Scandalous Beauty said...

Wow Warren B! You made me cry at the seminar and you're about to make me cry again!!! It's been my pleasure to root for you and for you to have been with me through all of the CRAZY times we have kicked it together!! I know you can CONQUER the world baby!! Just keep doing you and ALWAYS do your best!

NOIR said...

Hi Warren, I briefly saw you at the Scandalous Beauty event but I have heard so much about you from Erin, and I am so excited about your blog! You are going to go far because you seem as though you live and breathe everything that you are trying to do and that is so very important. Much luck with everything and I will be following you.