Monday, February 2, 2009

THE Original FIRST LADY!!!

Today American’s have their eyes fix on the newest beauty and fashion icon. This woman has taken the fashion and beauty world by surprise. Her new life in The White House sets the perfect stage for more fashion, more beauty, and more glam. Michelle Obama is a woman who is in a league of her own when it comes to her personal style. She plays by her own rules and according to me is winning every match. Now I will say that I wish she had me there for the Inaugural Balls. For the swearing in she was DONE to the MAX (meaning: I really liked what she had on). Ladies we can now look to Madame First Lady for all of our beauty needs. Her layered bob which is blown out, flat ironed, and bumped for body is the perfect style of any woman. I have given you the steps to achieve this look just make sure that you get a professional cut. The cut is the foundation of any good hairstyle. Shampoo your hair and condition it well. Apply a bit of leave-in conditioner and a bit of styling mousse for added body. Now you can either sit under a dryer for about 20 to remove most of the moisture. Or you can blow dry it with a hand dryer and a paddle brush. Once the hair is dry apply a small amount of styling serum and flat iron. Once the hair is straight curl it with a large barrel iron (BUMPER IRON). After the curls are locked in use the paddle brush to wrap the hair around the head. Go ahead and do your makeup and get dressed. Now that you are completely ready take a wide tooth comb and comb your hair down. There you have “The Michelle Obama”. Stay tuned as I will be covering Michelle’s makeup. Congratulations Mrs. Obama welcome to DC I am here to serve YOU!!!! BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

NOTE: In this photo it seems that Michelle may have had a roller wrap. The hair has been properly shampooed and conditioned. Leave-in applied and hair set on large rollers (be sure not to use a setting agent that will leave a build up). Once the hair is completely dried use a large paddle brush and brush the hair in all directions to get rid of the parts left from the set. Brush all the hair straight down and wrap it around the head. Tighten it up with a boar bristle brush. Sit under a dryer for 15 minutes the comb down and you are done….


Laquita said...

Great post - very nice description of her hairstyle :o)

Danyelle said...

So when you say "blow out" does that just refer to the method or does it mean she doesn't have a perm??