Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shine On

Hey beautiful I know it has been a while BUT I am not allowed to take my MAC to work anymore. Most nights I work late and when I finally get home I am fit for the bed. The response I have received from my blog has been tremendous and I really appreciate your support. NOW on with the reports!!!!!
One of the biggest complaints that I receive at my salon is the sight of dry looking hair. In order to correct the issue of dry hair you must get down to the root of the problem. In most cases dry hair is a sign of over-processed or color treated hair, which drains the hair of its natural moisture. Once the hair has been robbed of its moisture it can be rather difficult to get it back on point. Dry hair will break very easy so you must be sure to handle it with care and condition it regularly. I would highly recommend that you use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner daily. Follow up your daily shampoo with a weekly treatment some people like hot oil some like moisturizing treatments. No matter what treatment you decide to go with you should wrap the hair with the treatment and saran wrap then process under a hot dryer for 30 minutes. The saran wrap will help to steam the moisture into the hair and make for a deeper conditioning.
Now most of us need a daily shine more of a quick fix spray. There are many spray shine products on the market now. Silicone based sprays seem to have become the most popular in recent years. The silicone sprays can be a bit heavy and the light ones don’t last long. The other option is oil sheen spray, which is the worse type of shine to use on your hair. Oil sheen has alcohol and can dry the hair out even more so you would want to stay away from that. My new favorite shine spray is Shine On by Biosilk. Shine On is very light but it provides the most amazing shine. Be careful because a little goes a long way so you don’t want to over do it. This spray will protect your hair from the sun so it is like sunscreen for the hair. Shine On also helps to cut down on frizz. If you want you hair to look polished and to SHINE ON then I hope you go get the Biosilk shine spray.
Well as you know it is late and I am sleepy but I had to let you guys know that I am still in full effect. Be sure to comment and email I love to hear from you. Ask plenty of questions so that I can have something to talk about!!!
Tell then BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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