Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was talking to my little cousin Jalisa tonight she mentioned something to me that I thought I would share with you. Jalisa is considering getting color and she already knows that it is going to dry her hair out. She was saying that she wanted to get a light oil that she could apply to her hair to help lock in the moisture. Moist oils can be light if you only use a little. Any product in excess can cause you to have a nasty build-up, which is not BEAUTIFUL. Like I told you before if your hair is dry you need to condition and treat on a regular. If you are natural and want to rock a blow out this product is good for you too trust me. CHI Silk Infusion is an amazing serum, which I would suggest you use rather than your hair oil. With this serum a little goes a very long way. The most amazing part of this CHI product is that it WILL NOT leave a build up. I use Silk Infusion with EVERY client. My normal process is to shampoo, condition, and then mix a pea size on leave-in conditioner with Silk Infusion. Apply you mixture to damp hair then blow dry. Once the hair is dry I apply a little more Silk Infusion then I press the hair with the FHI Iron. TRUST ME is you do this your hair will be more than amazing!!!! TRUST ME ON THIS ON… This product is my new best friend and it is not that expensive so go get some so that you can BE BEAUTIFUL!!!! MUAH!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

just discovered your blog, and loving it. keep up the good work.

thanks again,


Missy said...

You are missed!!!!

Hazel said...

Hey I have this too! It's really amazing! I just discovered your blog too ^^


Felicia/ ThisThatBeauty said...

I love this serum and use it religiously :)