Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kimberly Kimble

When I think of today’s hair designers there are two that really stand out in my mind. That is crazy because I have two favorite makeup artists and two favorite hairstylists. If you ever wonder who was behind Beyonce’s lovely mane and Mary J’s luxurious tresses read on. Kimberly Kimble has taken the hair biz by storm. She is a trendsetter whose celebrity client list goes on and on. Kim gave Mary her greatest looks of all time remember the bun with the braid she did that. Or what about the “We Ride” video she did that too. And for Miss Beyonce she has been doing her for a while. Ms. Kimble was the lead hair guru on the set of the movie Dreamgirls where she worked the hell out of those wigs. I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly at the Premiere Hair Show in Orlando, Florida. Not only is this woman talented but she is sweet as well. Her success has made her one of the top stylist of all times. Kim is proficient with all hair types and she a diva when it comes to weaves. I give Kimberly Kimble so much respect for contribution to the fashion community. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check her out @ If you are ever in the LA area you should see of you can schedule an appointment at the Kimble Hair Studio. Kim has made it where we can all share a little piece of her. She has some of the most amazing hair product that you should check out as well… With all due respect I salute the amazingly talented Kimberly Kimble.

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Anonymous said...

She is a great designer. She does a great job with Beyonce. iFashion Network did a good piece on her.