Saturday, February 7, 2009

Keep You Eyes On!!!

Ok so I no longer work at a makeup counter I am working fulltime in a salon. As clients come in to get serviced I cant help but to peep their makeup. One of the most common issues I am noticing is with the eyes. It seems that some ladies are having difficulty keep their eye makeup on. If you are one that’s having issues keeping the cosmetic on the skin I have a solution. EYE PRIMER or EYE BASE… MAC has the most amazing base in the world. Actually there are two to choose from eye paint or paint pots. Now the eye paint is more emollient and is amazing for all skin types. For lighter skin go with bare canvas… darker skin go with bamboom… Paint pots are less messy and a little less emollient with a plethora of colors to choose from. Basically you just want to use a firm brush to apply a small amount of base to the lid before you begin to apply the shadow. Beautiful I promise this one little step will help your makeup last much longer. Good LUCK and Be Beautiful.


Missy said...

Warren...I found y our blog through Erin. When I read..."Your eyebrows are sisters, not twins", I was hooked! Great writing style and very informative. Congrats on having YOUR name dropped! It must really feel great.

Scandalous Beauty said...

You preached that!!! Painterly Paint Pot is my all time fave!

Suga77 said...

Hi Warren, I've never used the paint pots, only UDPP, how do you feel about this primer? And if you don't mind, I live in the DC area and would love to check you out in your salon, where are you working?