Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Creating the warrenBbeautiful blog has been such an amazing experience. Over the course of the past 2 weeks I have been contacted by some of the most amazing people in the industry. It gives me great pleasure to be able to share with all of you my first interview with the dynamic AJ Crimson. AJ is a visionary and makeup artist to the stars. His work has placed him in a league of his own. This morning I arose to a text for Mr. Crimson “Can we do the interview now” I immediately responded, “YES”. A few moments later I received a phone call from AJ himself who was calling me from the set of a new Belvedere Ad campaign with recent Grammy winner Estelle in New York City. Answering the phone with the morning still in my voice it took a few minutes to get my computer up. AJ clearly realizing that his text woke me up asked “Do you want me to call you a little later?” You already know that I was not going to delay this interview any further. I started with my first question asking him how long he had been in the business. It amazes me just how much AJ has accomplished in his 6 years of service and experience. His brushes have dusted the faces of Brandy, Fergie, Keyisha Cole, Estelle, Hillary Duff, and former Destiny Child member now platinum selling solo artist LeToya. AJ and I spoke about his first experience working with a celebrity. Good thing for him is that his first celeb was someone he knew before she made her big break. Crimson was working with Will I AM on a catalog when he first met Fergie. Over time they became friends and kept in contact with one another. When it was time to shoot the “Where Is The Love” video AJ was the man chosen as the Key Artist. The Black Eyed Peas video was Crimson’s first major project and Fergie was his first celebrity client. He did admit that experience was a bit scary and “there was a lot going on with so many people to please”. During the shooting of this video AJ found himself so far away from the times that he was paid $75 for his first gig. That first job created so much excitement and made AJ realize that he could actually get paid for doing makeup. Getting paid now he is but for AJ it is not just about the money. Crimson moved to Los Angeles with just $400 to his name and you see how persistence pays off. Because AJ didn’t give up he is now working regularly with hip-hop’s newest British sensation Estelle. If you saw the 51st Annual Grammys you saw Estelle perform with Kanye West. Her look was on 1000 and AJ was the mastermind behind it. “The dress was like glass and very futurist so I wanted to recreate the look of glass in the makeup without using silver” says Crimson. He pulled inspiration from Audrey Hepburn with the winged liner one of his signature techniques. Crimson says “I wanted the makeup to be minimal but impactful” and I was totally impacted by this work. So much so I had to text AJ the night of the Grammys to congratulate him on a beautiful makeup. Then it dawned on me that I was connected to someone who was actually doing makeup at the Grammys… OK… AJ finds his inspiration in many places from Art to Vogue. Tim Walker is one of Crimson’s favorite photographers and he looks to him for inspiration as well. There is so much on the horizon for this star makeup artist. He is looking forward to pumping LeToya with a fresh look for her new album. Crimson says “It’s all about color with LeToya this time around I want to do something light, fresh, and polished.” He says the he will be using the new Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation which he describes as butter on the skin. AJ also cannot live without Dior Show and Blackout Mascaras. You may have guessed that the Kissable Couture Collection is another one of his most favorite products. I would defiantly suggest that you try his amazing line of luxury lip-glosses. Crimson mention that he thought he was done being an artist working for artist once his line came out. Now his artist flame has been rekindled with his collaborations with his newest clients. AJ Crimson has reached the point in his career where is more able to express his feelings and artist ideas on a variety of amazing performing artist. Gone are the days when every job was a job to be done. Now AJ is able to be more selective with his work and assignments. He says that his me time is when he is busy working however he still finds time in his busy schedule to enjoy friends and family. AJ realizes how much he as grown in the past six years and is looking forward to what the future has to offer. Currently Crimson is working on a book and a 13 episode web series. When it comes to music AJ is currently listening to one of my favorite songs “Hello” by Beyonce. I asked my dear friend to share some advice with those of us who are interested in becoming celebrity makeup artist. “You should focus on being the best you can be. Don’t focus on the title just keep you mind set on greatness.” I personally want to thank AJ Crimson for taking the time out to give me a wakeup call. Actually he helped me to get to work on time. We wish AJ the best that life has to offer and pray that GOD will continue to pour out showers of blessings upon everything his hands touch. OH yeah and thanks also for entertaining me in general and I promise I wont call so late. LoL….

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Scandalous Beauty said...

That's awesome Warren. I love, love, love Kissable Couture glosses. They are so sheer and lovely, and they look good with everything. Johnny is my favorite!

Warren...we are going to the Estelle Concert right?!?!? ;-)