Thursday, March 26, 2009

where you been YO???

OK yall i am super sorry that ya boy been MIA!!! one of my 53 followers sent me a personal email checking up on me... i must say thanks SO MUCH for thinking about me and keeping me in your prayers... well as you guys know i am a busy dude with a lot going on... between work, doing some freelancing, and moving i have been drained!!! AND i am not allowed to bring my mac pc to work anymore so that really put a damper on things... hopefully all of you know that i am still doing what i can to gain knowledge to share with all of you... sometimes all that i know overwhelms me so i need you guys to do me a favor... ASK QUESTIONS!!!!! shoot me an email on different topics that you want me to discuss... if you guys ask questions i promise that i will respond!!!! GOOD NEWS!!!! i will be interviewing Johnny Lavoy REALLY soon!!!! if you dont know JL then google him cause he is an awesome man who knows so much about being beautiful!!!!
be sure to get at me with your questions, request, and comments... i miss you guys so much and i promise that i will continue to make it BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!