Monday, October 26, 2009

MORE men's grooming by WarrenB

Cool Coney Island working the hair and makeup men's grooming at its best!!!!!

More Tony V. Baby

Thanks to the team for EVERYTHING!!!! I was really in a zone on this one and I think we still came through anyhow!!! I LOVE all the people who help make my dreams REALITY!!!!


Hello Beautiful

If you follow WarrenBeautiful then you already know that I have a major thing for Yulia Gorbanchenko my photographer friend. Yulia is a very big fan of Warren Beautiful and she is one of the best people I know period. This young woman is currently working in NYC on her Masters in Photography. For some strange reason we have this insane chemistry and connection that I TOTALLY live for. Yulia gives me creative freedom to “DO ME.”
These images were shot @ Coney Island in NY. Let me be the 1st to say “IT WAS COLD” very cold… I did makeup inside of Duncan Donuts and hair out in the cold. Yulia was a bit under the weather and she was not feeling well AT ALL!!! In spite of all we went through we still got some AMAZING SHOTS!!! I am very excited about this shoot because it shows just how much we both have grown over the past last year or so. Thanks to the model for withstanding the cold and also to the Fashion Stylist for all of his hard work and great fashion finds.

More From Tony V.

Hope you guys enjoy. just for the record over 95% of the images in this section I did both hair and makeup! ENJOY

The Amazing Tony V.

Hello Beautiful

Just want to share some images that I recently did with Mr. Tony V. of Washington DC. He is am amazingly talented photographer here in DC. I so admire Tony’s work and his commitment to excellence in his craft. The shoot was styled by Walter Reed my dear friend and exceptional stylist!!! THANKS FOR THE FASHION WALTER!!! Thanks also to Krisztina the model. Not too sure why so many of the model girls are so into what I do but I am grateful for the support. Krisztina is one of my biggest supporters and I am SO thankful for that!!! Hope you guys enjoy these Images!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dream come TRUE!!! LOLA MONROE vol 1

God works in AMAZING ways! You see I prayed that he would allow me to work with my new client!! I seriously went to bed at night thinking about this girl and how bad I wanted to do her makeup! You see I was introduced to her as Angel the biggest video model ever… To DC she is a icon one who has been seen in numerous music videos. To me she has not only become client but also friend. I could sit here and go on and on about what she has accomplished at the tender age of 22 but I choose to let her site do the talking! What I will share is that she must be one of the easiest girls I ever had to paint. Seriously doing Lola’s makeup is a cakewalk. She is SO freaking pretty that really it doesn’t take much. Lola Monroe is said to be the next queen of hip hop, call me crazy but I believe it! This girl has mad skills in the rap game and she is respected by most of the heavy hitters in the game. Not just another pretty face she is a businesswoman about her GRIND!!! She is doing all she can to make it to the top with her drive I am convinced she will! Based on my life’s experience I know she will make because determination and belief pays off every time!! Please guys listen to her music and follow our journey as we both take this world be storm!!! Below you will find random pics of Lola and hair and makeup done to perfection by ME!!! From the BET Awards to her concert I was privileged enough to be apart of history in the making. I seriously hope you all fall in love with her as much as I have!!! Thanks to my friend Lola and her manager Ms. Michelle V. and to Mike for the introduction! Yall lets make it happen for this girl she is AMAZING!!! Visit to learn more about the QUEEN!!!

FORD MODEL + BO + Walter + Warren / Saleem = Magic HONEY

Recently Bo the photographer, Walter the Fashion Stylist, and Myself embarked on a crazy journey! We worked a shoot till like 5 in the morning yes honey I know that is insane. Let me say I think this is one of my best shoots ever. My new roommate Saleem was there to hold me down and follow my directions to a T. Walter was putting the garments together swiftly and professionally. And I was the conductor of the whole thing as usual (you know I love CONTROL). Bo didn’t disappoint AT ALL!!! He REALLY showed out on this one. The model is signed with Ford Europe and she was the sweetest model I have worked with in a long time. Naw I take that back all models are sweet to me because they know I hold their beauty in my hand. I want to thank my team for holding me down on this shoot it was amazing!!!! ENJOY!!!!

Natalie Editorial

BO Zhang on the wheels of camera and Walter Reed styling the garments!!! YOUR TRULY ON FACE AND HAIR!

More with Yulia and I.

As you know Yulia is one of my favorite photographers in the world! I see great things in her future she is determined to be the best!!! Wow how lucky am I to have such an amazing person believe in ME and my skill! I LOVE YULIA!!!