Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mother Tia Dantzler!!! Makeup Maven!

Let me first begin by saying this is the longest it took me to post anything on my blog. This particular interview is near and dear to my heart therefore it had to be perfect! I hope that you all find this post interesting and insightful as this artist means the world to me.
When it comes to creating beautiful celebrity faces this woman has taken the entertainment world by storm. With names like J Hud (my FAVORITE celebrity of ALL TIME), Our President Barack Obama, Musical Icon Kanye West, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson on her book Tia Dantzler is working hard to maintain and raise the standard of amazing beauty worldwide. Her work has been featured in countless national and international publications with Essence, GQ, LIFE, People, and Vogue just to name A FEW. Tia Dantzler has beat faces for countless Red Carpets and appearances. She has worked the Academy Awards, the Grammy’s, and the Golden Globe’s. Just when you thought sister has done it all turn on the TV and see her work on Oprah! Tia’s success has been catapulted beyond her widest dreams due to persistence, patients, and determination. I remember reading about Tia a few years ago in a hair publication who had any idea of what was about to take place? If you are a BIG Jennifer Hudson fan as I am then you already know just how SICK this young woman’s makeup game really is. Not once have we seen Jennifer’s makeup overdone… Actually Tia hits it out of the ballpark EVERY… Single… TIME!!!! She has learned the formula to creating a perfect canvas, phenomenal eyes, all with a genuine heart. Even with her calendar filled with dates all over the world Tia still finds time to entertain up and coming artists like myself. A typical day in the life of this makeup guru is more random than routine. From music videos, to movies, or even a premiere this lady has one crazy schedule. Not to mention she has a husband at home who has been more than supportive of everything that Tia is involved in. Over the past like maybe 3 months or so (I THINK) Tia and I have become really cool Twitter Friends. She always finds time to say just one thing that keeps me “believing in the dream”… Now it is my turn to just say THANKS to TIA Dantzler for continuing to inspire me and countless others who find inspiration in her success. As we continue to watch her grow and accomplish more we will pray that GOD continue to walk with Mother Tia on this journey!!!! It is amazing just how technology has allowed US to connect!!!! Always know that I am SO HAPPY that Tia Dantzler is one of MY GREAT Makeup Artist friends. Before I signoff I just want to say that Tia offers great makeup tips via Twitter, SO FOLLOW HER @TIADANTZLER!!! WE LOVE YOU TIA I’ll be tweetin’ ya girl!!!!

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