Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HEY HUNEY! I know it has been a while what do you think?


I MISSED yall with all my little heart… YES I DID! Did I tell you just how much it means to me to know that you guys are reading the blog and interested in what I am all about. Recently I have been reminded that lots of folks do find their way to this blog and I need to be a little more mindful of the thoughts I share. Now beautiful don’t worry I still plan to be the Warren that you all respect and love! The stories will still be interesting and funny so don’t worry about that either! Hair and makeup is my passion and sometimes it can seem like I am just having fun. The bottom line is this is my livelihood and I must consider the client. OK OK OK enough of the serious stuff lets get down to business. What have I been up to? I have been doing a lot assisting in NYC with @JohnnyLavoy, working in DC, and healing from surgery. Johnny is the bestest boss ever! He is SO SPECIAL TO ME ON SO MANY LEVELS and I am so thankful to have him as a friend! I have also been contacting some potential clients about some amazing opportunities (let’s pray). Researching my gift more and more each day has been keeping me busy. I just completed an interview with the AMAZING @TiaDantzler which I shall post soon. Tia was very moved by the interview and HONEY so was I. Mother Dantzler is a BEAUTIFUL spirit and a TRUE Artist not afraid to share all she knows!!! WE LOVE HER! Finally I did a shoot once again with Yulia G. and we tried to turn it out again. We felt like we were not getting the look in the 1st shoot and actually I think we did. WHAT DO YOU THINK??? The 1st look was the natural beauty and the 2nd look is goth edgy 60’s bob you know what I like!!!

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Jamaya said...

I love your work! It's such an inspiration to see one of my fellow mua's from the DMV pound the pavement and give the fever in NYC! Best wishes!