Tuesday, September 1, 2009

International Contemporary Fashion Exhibit: HAIR AND FACE, Yours Truly!

HEY Beautiful!!!
I am so happy to be able to share some cute stuff I created recently. Thank God for the gift to create and “beautify”… without beauty I would be nothing. Thank God for models with good skin and hair which helps make my job so much easier! Thank God for an AMAZING photographer Yulia G. she too has been touched by the hand of the creator!! Thank GOD for friends and mentors who have helped me to tame this twisted gift!!! Thank GOD for chemistry and understanding which is the foundation of any shoot. AMEN!!! As you know it is ALWAYS a pleasure to work with Yulia and the edgy and talented models she likes to work with. I appreciate her for giving me the freedom to creatively oversee the look from hair to makeup to styling. With Yulia there is ALWAYS something interesting to look forward to! Hope you guys enjoy our work for the International Contemporary Fashion Exhibit.

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