Wednesday, October 14, 2009

FORD MODEL + BO + Walter + Warren / Saleem = Magic HONEY

Recently Bo the photographer, Walter the Fashion Stylist, and Myself embarked on a crazy journey! We worked a shoot till like 5 in the morning yes honey I know that is insane. Let me say I think this is one of my best shoots ever. My new roommate Saleem was there to hold me down and follow my directions to a T. Walter was putting the garments together swiftly and professionally. And I was the conductor of the whole thing as usual (you know I love CONTROL). Bo didn’t disappoint AT ALL!!! He REALLY showed out on this one. The model is signed with Ford Europe and she was the sweetest model I have worked with in a long time. Naw I take that back all models are sweet to me because they know I hold their beauty in my hand. I want to thank my team for holding me down on this shoot it was amazing!!!! ENJOY!!!!

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Jamaya said...

Oh Warren! Those pics are phenomenal! You are such an inspiration! Awesome job :)