Friday, January 30, 2009

Foundation Is Key!!!

Ok beautiful lets just go over a few basic tips when it comes to FOUNDATION!!!! First and foremost you never want your foundation to look like you are wearing any at all.. The purpose is not to change you skin color or to hide any major imperfections. Foundation is used to provide a natural flawless finish to the skin. The most two most important parts of wearing foundation is one be sure that you have the correct tone and formula. Secondly you MUST have the correct shade!!! If when you look in the mirror you seem to have something on your skin the you have something wrong… Here I have provided a list of formulas and the results. I hope this helps!!!!

Stick Foundation: Is more of a cream foundation and concealer in one. It works best for normal to dry skin. It will provide more coverage and is very simple to apply and work AMAZING for photos!!!

Liquid Foundation: Most common foundation because it works for just about everyone. Liquid foundation gives good coverage and there are many formulas to choose from. A majority of cosmetic companies have different forms of liquid foundation for normal, dry, combination and oily.

Cream Foundation: This can be used as a concealer or as a foundation and it gives flawless coverage. Cream foundation is mostly used on dry skin because it tends to be of a heavier consistency.

Mousse Foundation: Mousse foundation is a cream foundation which has been whipped. It provides a sheerer coverage. It is great for more mature skin because mousse foundation will not settle into fine lines.

Tinted Moisturizer: Tinted moisturizer is a moisturizer which had a bit of color added. It gives little coverage which makes it GREAT for people who don’t want much coverage. I LIVE FOR TINTED MOISTURIZER!!!

Cream to Powder: It is used mostly for oily skin and gives more of a medium coverage.

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation is ideal for people who are low maintainance when it comes to makeup. Good for young girl who have just begin wearing makeup. Be cautious when choosing the shade with this one. Once the oil in your skin mixes with this foundation it will get a tad darker.
Spray Foundation: This is a fairly new product which provides a sheer coverage. I think spray works great as a summer foundation because it is so light. DO NOT spray it directly to the face as it can get into your hair and eyes. Spray the product on the brush then apply to the face.

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