Saturday, January 31, 2009


When asked what is the most important part of a makeup application I must say it is your brows honey!!! You see it is simple to cover a pimple and easy to cover a scar. Baby it aint that easy to cover a bushy brow trust me I have tried and it does not work. Now there are many ways to create the perfectly arched brow. My first bit of advice as usual would be to seek a professional. Now some people have mastered the art of eyebrow arching and if you are one of those more power to you. If you like most American’s and myself it is not always so easy to do your own brows. Keep in mind this rule of thumb “they are sisters not twins.” This rule simply says that the brows will never be exactly the same. If you are having a hard time deciding which method to go with I hope these basic tips help.

The old fashioned method Straight Razor: this method is pretty painless unless the technician does not know what he or she is doing. You will get a really nice well-defined brow. The down side to the razor is that the hair grows back faster than other methods. If you go with the razor technique it is cheaper but you may have to get them maintained more often.

Then there is plucking… Plucking can be rather painful but once you get accustomed to it the pain is not as bad. With this method you can create a softer shape to your brow. You must be careful because it is easy to over pluck one hair can make a huge difference. If you pluck the hair excessively on a regular bases you can cause permanent hair loss. Most technician use the tweezers in conjunction with other methods just to clean up hairs left behind.

WAXING!!! This is by far I think the most popular. Yes it hurts no matter what people say. The good thing is that the pain wont last that long. With waxing you may not get that chiseled brow effect that you will get from other methods. The results will be more long lasting so you may only need to have the done bi-weekly.
Be sure that the technician is experienced!!!! You don’t want the wax to be too hot as it can tear the skin. I personally don’t think you should wax above the brow as it makes the brows look fake. You may want to stick with plucking the upper portion of the brow.

Threading… This is the newest craze in the states. This technique is a traditional Indian technique and sweetie it is fierce!!!! The biggest draw back is that is can hurt like heck. But the pros are: it is precision, long lasting, and inexpensive. Clearly you can see this is the method that I prefer I think it looks amazing. When I get my brows done I have them threaded.

No matter which method you choose be sure to find a good “Brow Lady…” Once you find a good one STICK WITH HER and I promise she will never let you down. Remember that the brows are the foundation of a beautiful makeup. And even if you decide to go wash face (without makeup) then you can trust that your brows are done so you still look your best.


southern_gyrl said...


I have struggled with my brows...been trying to get an appointment for a week with the barber.

I find a combination approach works best for me. My brows are sparse, and I get the most precision, not to mention just an all around better job, with a straight razor. However, they do grow back quickly. I've found it's a great idea to get my barber to razor them and then get them waxed for longer wear time.

Sent by your site. Adding to!

Amina said...

I used to wax my e/brows until a friend of mine who has been threading for years convinced me to.
It's the best way to maintain my brows for me!!