Friday, January 30, 2009


Some folk are really relaxed when it comes to skincare. Many of us go to the CVS and local Wal-Mart store to purchase product to treat our faces with. I will admit I was a Neutrogena junkie for a long time. Honestly I think that if you must buy from CVS Neutrogena is the best. Origin’s is rather inexpensive and for my skin seems to be rather gentle. I LOVE Origin’s “Checks and Balances” which is a VERY frothy foaming face wash. If you don’t mind spending a little more and you want to see real results I would suggest you go with Obagi Nu-Derm. Now I am one who gets all excited about new systems. Once the newness wears off I kinda take short cuts. When I am on my Obagi I see my skin at it’s best. The system will cause you to peel but I promise if you can take that you will be amazed at the outcome. Now yes once again anything good is worth paying for. You may also have to go to a dermatologist or a Med Spa to get your hand on this product… I hope you enjoy!!!!


Anonymous said...

Warren, I just checked the Obagi Nu-Derm System and it appears to require a prescription. Doesn't matter because when I saw increased collagen, natural hydration and accelerated cell turn over I was like *SIGN ME UP!* lol Right now I'm using an AHA in the evening and the winter flakiness if finally gone but I'm going to check this out. Thanks, I never would've known to ask for it.


~J said...

Hi Warren,

I saw you at Erin's Scandalous Beauty event. As a matter of fact we were sitting at the same table! Congrats on starting your own blog and I look forward to getting great info fom you as well.

I just started this system last week. I have been looking at it for awhile because I have moderate to severe hyperpigmentation and I'm tired of having to wear full coverage foundation (which does not cover it all) just to leave the house. I have been on it for one week and already see a difference in the texture and tone of my skin. Some of the spots are starting to get lighter already. I got mine from a medspa and got a microdermabrasion treatment as well for about $350. I'll keep ya posted on my progress.