Friday, January 30, 2009


When asked whom do I look up to in this business there are 2 names that come to mind… clearly Johnny is one of them. I came to know Johnny all because of my motivation (Erin B.). Erin had been talking about this guy who was an amazing artist and hairstylist. At first I was like well if he does both then his makeup may not be that great. Well let me be the first to say I was SO WRONG!!!! Erin brought me a makeup magazine that had some of Johnny’s work. When I saw the images I was totally floored. Johnny combined some of the most amazing colors I had ever seen on this beautiful dark chocolate skin. Being that Johnny did hair I felt that we had a bit of a common bond. So a few months went by and Erin went to New York Fashion Week and worked with Billy B. (the 2nd name that comes to mind). While in NY Erin calls me frantically and says “You will never believe who asked about you by name.” At this point I am going crazy and responded “Girl WHO???” She said Johnny Lavoy!!!!! I was floored again… So I guess by now you know that I am a huge fan of this guy. My intrigue goes beyond him knowing me on a first name bases. You see Johnny Lavoy is humble, talented, and approachable. He has over 20 years of experience as a salon owner and he also works for Ford Models under Ford Artist. This guy really inspires me to keep my head in the game!!! Johnny here is to you kid!!!

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT HIS VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE!!! He provides a wealth of knowledge on the latest looks and trends...

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