Monday, August 24, 2009


Mornin’ Beautiful!

I am up and EVE this morning trying to DO a little somethin somethin!!! By now I am sure that many of you already know that I went to do Seventeen Magazine as a assistant with my brother, father, and dear friend Mr. Johnny Lavoy. You guys may also know that this man was nice enough to allow LIL OL ME to stay the week in his Manhattan apartment. These days you just don’t meet too many folks who will allow a total stranger the chance to come into ones private world. Not only did Jonny let me stay BUT he gave me the key and allowed me to remain there as he went to his other home in Conneticut. Now PLEASE DON’T get NO ideas hontee IT AINT NO HOTEL FREE FOR ALL!!!! YOU CANNOT CALL HIM UP AND ASK FOR THE KEYS!!!! I AM SPECIAL!!!! SORRY HONTEES BACK UP!!!!!!!!! You know black folks honey we will call and let Johnny have it. Then he's gonna look at me like "WHAT IN THE WORLD!! did you say on that blog of yours." However had I not shared with you my total experience I would have felt cheated in a way. Anywho I want to thank Heather Muir the beauty editor over at 17 for having us. She and her staff were amazing and they really took good care of us. Hontee the people over @ 17 LOVE LOVE LOVE Johnny and his work I am SO Happy for my PoP YALL JUST DON’T KNOW!!! I am praying that Heather gets a CODE 10 before the December issue comes out LOL. We GOTTA give a MAJOR SHOUT out to MY NEW BUDDY Brian Duprey the man with the Makeup Plan!!! He banged face after face as Johnny created beautiful hair one after the other. You had to have been there to see it … HONESTLY I felt like I could be in the way at times. I really wanted to do all I can to make this my 1st Assistant Job in NYC a good one. WELL folks Picture time I hope you enjoy.

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Tantalizing Eyez said...

This is so cool. Johnny is a sweetheart. You are lucky to have him as a friend,brother, etc. Look at all that NARS in the pics. Can I be an assistant to the assistant. Glad you are so busy and doing so well Warren. I am wishing Johnny and you even more success. I see why Erin loves ya and I don't even really know you. lol Love ya.. NappyMACDiva3