Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well here we are again in the BIG Apple and I AM LOVING IT!!! Every time my feet hit the pavement I feel RIGHT at home. The people, the food, the crazy ass taxi drivers, the nicest nasty city in the world is NY. Amidst all of what seems to be a big ball of confusion there is a common thread that reaches ALL, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!! Needless to say just like many of you I still get excited to head to that place where people actually do sleep. Yes even I get anxious to arrive in the land where BIG things happen and DREAMS become reality. So here we are again for the second time within the past week BACK in the city I LOVE. Those of you who REALLY know me know there is NO PLACE I would rather be. Thanks to Johnny my DEAR friend I am doing it again. Living and working in NEW YORK with Bluefly.Com and models from International agencies what more could one ask for? You see for my friend Johnny Lavoy this is his life, like a sixth sense of sorts. As one of the top artist in the industry providing the TOTAL package Johnny does BOTH hair and makeup. Represented by FORD Johnny has unlimited access to what most of us dream of. DID I MENTION that he aint playing no games in the hair OR makeup category. (ForgeT grammar) When asked to MAKE IT HAPPEN J.L. is bringing it HARD every single time!!! THE BIGGEST part of working with him to me (outside out the bond) is the fact that we think SO MUCH alike and SO different at the same time. Its CRAZY and so are we so who gives a care. ENOUGH LOVE I know yall just wanna know What Happened??!!!
Well I arrived at noon and model 1 was already done. I assisted on hair for Model #2 and watched the SICKEST MAKEUP DEMO EVER!!!!! It was the real deal as I have NEVER seen it before!!!! Johnny single handedly BANGED out the sexiest not to heavy JUST JUST RIGHT DEEP INTENSE purple smoky eye I have EVER SEEN DONE IN MY LIFE! In the photos you will see Johnny using a beautiful MAKEUP FOREVER pallet created especially for him by the WONDERFUL folks over @ MUFE. When it comes to TOOLS he was working with the Billy B brushes from beginning to end. These brushes are lightweight and very soft I cant wait until I am able to invest in my own and leave Erin’s alone. By now you should know Billy B is the TRUTH and TRUST HIS brushes are ON POINT!!! If by chance you have been sleeping under a BRICK and don’t know Billy PLEASE VISIT: or better yet GOOGLE HIM. This guy Billy B. is the GREATEST living MAKEUP ICON of all times. YALL HIS BRUSHES MAKE ALLLLLLLLLLLLL THE DIFFERENCE Trust ME!!!!! Johnny is a skin freak and has turned me out over great skin too. He uses plenty hydrants to keep the skin together hontee. Today J.L. decided to go with the YOUNGBLOOD concealer which was used to help perfect the skin. The one thing that I LIVE FOR about Youngblood is that the product made the skin flawless!!!!! With effortless motion and those lightweight Billy B brushes Johnny went to WORK!!!!! Youngblood is a mineral line that I FEEL may be better than MAC from what I see. As Johnny continued to add product after product to perfect his canvas I was sitting there mentally taking notes. Though most of the lessons I am learning from Johnny Lavoy are far beyond painting a beautiful face. My boy is passionate about his craft down to the detail of the packing of his kit. His dedication to the speedy and precise delivery of beauty makes him one of the most requested stylists in this business. MOVE ON WITH THE LOOK PLEASE!!! SORRY!!!! Next Johnny applies the luxurious Kissable Couture lip gloss to the lips to help make them soft, “kissable”, and of course BEAUTIFUL!!! For this look my boy decided to go with the shade “Forest.” The gloss was long lasting and the color was JUST RIGHT! Now we move into hair, which is where I was able to help out. With the Sedu Revolution Pro flat iron he killed this messy wavy look. Sedu makes the best flat iron on the market right now. The price point is GREAT compared to GHD and FHI AND you are getting a better quality iron. As Johnny slightly waved the hair with the Sedu he used very little styling aid to help lock the look into place. I hope I shared some information and remember to BE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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