Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natural Beauty!!!!!

Today’s beauty has come a long way from yesterday’s idea of glam. It’s funny because although we are traveling in a totally different direction when it comes to makeup and hair, all the basics still remain the same. Bold daring women still wear red lips and matching red nails. Black eyeliner and mascara are still every 15 year olds idea of a complete makeup kit, or at least a good start. Airbrush nail designs, pink, green, and yellow OPI still rocks in every nail salon in town. With everything from yesteryear still pumping hard today you may wonder what’s new in beauty. Well honey let me be the 1st to tell you real quickly, NOTHING is NEW OK! The color wheel has not changed so trust me the colors are still basically the same. Hair is still getting cut with clippers, razors, and shears so that’s nothing new. As you know I aint here to just shatter all your makeup and beauty dreams so let me get to the point. Yes there are lots of new products, new lines, and new technologies when it comes to beauty. Thank GOD for the many companies who have done so much to bring us the best in quality hair and makeup products over the years. BUT BUT BUT beautiful, the most important part of beauty today is knowing when enough is enough. To know when to pull out some of those makeup tricks from drag queens past. To know when to avoid liner and lipstick all together is what beauty has become. To be politely flirtatious with color is what beauty has become. No matter what techniques you use remember to BLEND that crease, those cheeks, and that lip liner to the MAX. It all about beautiful healthy looking skin, and doing what you feel everywhere else. Now PLEASE DONT ask me “I am a NC50 and I was wondering what shade blush should i use?” Well no shade Honey use a mirror and use products you think looks good on you. Don’t listen to your hating girlfriends, or the lil chick at the counter who just started. Do some research and choose practical colors that you think will look nice. With the right application and a good foundation (perfect skin – my new fav foundation) you should be good to go. Now here is some new work for you!!!

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Tantalizing Eyez said...

Love you Warren. Well said. I couldn't agree more. My 7 year old neice looks at what I wear on my face and how I do my hair. I try to be a good example to her..to let her know makeup is used to enhance the beauty you already have. I also teach her to love her natural hair. I hope our teens read your post. We all need to listen to our creative minds and blend praticcal colors like you said.

xoxo TE aka NappyMACDiva3