Saturday, August 22, 2009

Where The HECK IS WARREN B.???

OK so I have been SUPER BUSY BUT hontee my Grandmother is now viewing my page. SO I am a bit more concerned with my site only because I want her to see my work. Those of you who really know me know that I have a VERY Special place in my heart for family. Although I don’t get to see them as much as I want to I LOVE MY FAMILY YALL!!!! HEY Grandma (whom I talk to like 10 times a day SERIOUSLY)!!!
So yeah I have been busy like shit and I MUST PRAISE GOD for ALL THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS HE is giving to me!
Ideally I would like to go through each and every experience in GREAT detail but the odds of me actually completing that task are slim to none! Now if you see something that you may have questions about then JUST hit me up and I will TRY my best to reply. SOOOOOO I have had a gang of photo shoots, my 1st music video for this fine young rapper, my 1st national publication 17 magazine, a week in NYC with Johnny Lavoy, dinner with Billy B, and all kinds of other things. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I may actually be living my dreams. I am finding that it is SUPER easy to make your dream a reality if you just keep chasing. In the process of this dream chasing you may get a little weary, confused, and scared but ONLY if you KEEP MOVING!!!! You gotta keep pushing, keep working, keep trying as hard as you can to do all that you can to become the BEST!!!! Before I get into these photos I MUST say thanks to a few of my NEW FRIENDS!!! 1st yall Johnny Lavoy (google him honey) has been an AMAZING mentor, teacher, and friend!!! I TOTALLY cant say enough words to describe the LOVE that this man has shown me! It has been JUST like catching up with an old friend and I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Johnny for introducing me to my world!! Thank you SO MUCH for giving a chance to be a part of your world!!! YOU MEAN the WORLD to ME!!
Gotta shout my girl over at scandalous beauty (google that too baby)!!!! YAZ I LOVE Erin who was recently named one of four TOP BEAUTY BLOGGERS by Essence Magazine!! With out this woman yall I wound just be Warren! Erin really created Warren B. and that means the world.
One TIME for Billy B Yall!!!! That’s whole other blog entry!!! NOT only is this man one of the GREATEST Makeup Artist (OoooooH don’t believe me google him too OK!!!) ANYWHO this man is more than Amazing on SO many levels. He and Johnny despite their success found it not robbery to give a young brother (sista if you like) a chance to walk in passion and I thank God for surrounding me with the greatest of the GREATS!
Enough of me talking here is some of what I have been up to!!

Oh and my lil brother Jadius the black male model made it to see Simon em’ @ American Idol CONGRATS BRUH!!!

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