Monday, August 24, 2009


Once Egein (again for those of you who don’t speak Ghetto) JOHNNY hooked ya boy tha heck up. OK so while I was in NYC Johnny introduced me to an AMAZING photographer who has a REALLY Hott assistant! Well On my last day in the city we actually were able to work together. Let me mention that I had to pass up a chance to work with Makeup ICON Father Billy B. How does one do that?? I mean that was some crazy mess hontee on a crazy HOT day. Indeed it worked out for all parties involved at the end of the day. I was able to shoot with Daniel McCabe who is so smooth you will never know that YOU are even working in the building. Daniel has swag like a "brother" AKA black man and sounds like one on the phone too. He has to be one of the NICEST, REAL-IST, Most HUMBLE photographers that I know. Its one thing to be good behind the camera, but when you can make people feel appreciated THEN you have really done your job. I REALLY must wish every one I work with ALL the SUCCESS IN THE world!!! Thanks Egein Daniel for having me and I CANT WAIT TO DO IT Egein Brutha!!!!!!!!! It would be really fucked up of me to over look the other folks that were on set that day as well. As I waas uploading the pics I thought about it! One time for Pavel the photography assistant, the guy standing to your left. Then that makes Daniel the photographer on your right. Then there was Susie and Jessica. Thanks so much to the model, stylist and makeup artist you guys were the BEST I ever Had!!!!

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