Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get inspiration BUT stay true to YOU!!!

Thought I would share a little fun shoot I did with Michael and Renee Woodward @ Studio 400! Some shoots I do NEVER end up on the site and may not go into my portfolio. For one I shoot A LOT and if I posted EVERY single image that would be too much. Secondly I am STILL learning and growing so not EVERY shoot works out the way I want it…SO! Its not that I don’t think the work is anything less than AMAZING. It’s simple that sometimes we ALL have a bad day on the court. Good thing about it is I don’t have to show you that part if I choose not to… LOL!!!
I enjoy shooting and seeing my work captured on film! Being somewhat of a “self trained” artist looking back at the images is what helps me to improve. AND yes sometimes I STILL get stuck. There are some mistakes I continue to make and have not found a solution to them (YET). Well the Beautiful part of ART is that SOMETIMES (most times) IT AINT PERFECT! PLEASE don’t get me wrong I DO want to improve and I DO want to learn MORE ways of applying makeup AND styling hair. Yet I also know that YOUR client comes to YOU because they like the way YOU do YOUR thing. SO don’t get too wrapped up in doing your skill like the next person JUST do the best YOU can do.
NOW with ALLLLLLLL that being said! HERE is MY rendition of a LADY GAGA look. Mad props to MAKEUP GOD Billy B. for his AMAZING work with Lady Gaga!!! Let me just add not only has Billy B. done Lady Gaga BUT he has done some of the MOST AMAZING names in Hollywood! Billy has to be one of the most humble artist I have met. Some of his ideas about life and HIS approach to this industry should be in a book for young people to read. PLEASE check out his work as well @ THANKS B for the inspiration!!!


Princess said...

WOW!!!!!!! love your photos. you have got to tell me your secret how you get such crisp shot :) lens? hehe. I'm following your blog now :-)

(hope you follow my blog too {= )

Amina said...

wooooooooow!!!beautiful beautiful and soo creative!!!!!