Tuesday, April 6, 2010


OMG! Is that what you say when you meet one of the most amazing makeup artist in the world? Or do you break down and cry (like I ALMOST DID)!!! OR do you simply pull it together and handle yourself accordingly (like I had to)… Either way the feeling is still the same “OMG”!!!! On March 21th My Bestie and I hosted MY 1st every party! SERIOUSLY MY 1st Party EVER!!! I grew up with few friends so YEAH this was my 1st PARTAY and it was AMAZING! Thanks to ALL my friends and industry buddies for coming out and supporting Erin and I! The evening was one filled with MANY memorable moments that I will NEVER forget. The open bar had folk rather chatty and READY to network! IT had me WATCHING the door to see if this dream of mine was really about to become reality!!! Well maybe I did take a moment to chat, mingle, and DANCE!!!! In the mist of me “networking” my sister grabbed my hand, pulled my head over and said “Sam is here…”I instantly looked up and there he was! Thee Sam Fine!!! SPEECHLESS I AM!!! NOW remember its my party so I must pull myself together! After a few seconds of uncontrollable emotion I had no choice BUT to get it together! (At this point he is like 15 ft away.) FINALLY we meet and we greet and we spend an evening of socializing with our guest! Sam Fine is an AMAZING being with an AMAZING spirit! He was engaging with ALL of the guest and took photo after photo! Just the way he even walked onto the set was something to be admired! OMG STILL!!!! I MUST say THANKS SO MUCH to Mr. Sam Fine who thought enough of Erin and myself to come by and hang out! I learned SO MUCH from HIM that night! So much about where I am and where I am going! The most important lesson is YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS WATCHING!!!!! You NEVER know who is listening and you NEVER know when ANOTHER dream will come true! DREAM BIG!!!! NEVER STOP DREAMING!!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!


Scandalous Beauty said...

Amen baby, Amen!!!

Sam Fine said...

Having read on Twitter that Warren and Erin were having a networking event, I thought I'd stay a little longer after teaching a makeup seminar at Strands Salon in Maryland. After reading heartfelt Tweets about me and my work, I wanted to support these talented and supportive individuals. I truly had a blast seeing friends and making new ones!

Thank you for bringing purpose and meaning to my life!


Tamara young said...

This is my first visit to your blog, via Sam Fine's Tweet. I must say, it was an inspiring visit. Your post made my heart smile and further validated by belief in what I'm working on. Bravo to you!

Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

OMG! i read about this event through Erin's Twitter. It sounds (and looks!) like you guys had such a great time.

I'm so happy you got to meet Sam! He's so sweet and talented.

This was a great post and I felt the emotions thru my computer screen!

Soooooo happy for you! Keep up the good work

Ms. Viva Glam said...

I'm so happy for you Warren. You're an inspiration. I would have felt the same way seeing Same Fine, because he's my fav celebrity makeup artist. Keep dreaming new dreams and keep fulfilling them!!!! :)

Amina said...

OMG!! and he even read your blog! I would have fainted, cried, faint some more, hypoventilate..LOL.he would be like this girl needs to get it together!! she's a mess! LOL. I am so happy for you! Love the picture and...ahem...you guys look like cousins :) I felt like that during the make up show this year and I still feel like I am in a little cloud :) I love love your positive attitude and I will always keep dreaming.

Dyna (pronounced deena) said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE that I missed this. I had chatted briefly with Erin about it (no idea that she's your bestie...I LOOOVE HER YT channel), but I couldn't make it. I missed soooo much...shoot!!! Next time, I swear!!! Glad it was awsome!!!