Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nicholas LaClair welcomes Warren B.

Once again one of my networking things worked in my favor and I met someone COOL! You see my good friend Luis told me to continue to do this networking thing. Well long story short every time I do this thing something GREAT happens. I know yall are wondering what is the THING I keep talking about. Well BeautifuL I AINT TELLIN! HA HA HA!!! If you follow me then you know what my thing is. Maybe you have been up late one night watching me go in! If not maybe its best that way. Anywho that last time I did a thing Nicholas Laclair was there. Me being me I was acting a fool honey and he loved it. I am sure he was like Luis when I walked into the shoot super chill hahaha PROFESSIONAL Face… LOL. Nick and Julia were AMAZING! They Worked OUT Honey It was SO Much fun and we had a BLAST!!!! Thanks Nick for letting me go in on this shoot!

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