Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Bought Hair Oil!!!!!!

Ok so last week I took the Mega Bus from DC to NYC for the day to attend IBS which is a Beauty Show… I think IBS must have been like the biggest one on the west coast at some point… the bus ride was cool I slept most of the way so maybe that helped. My salon owner had a free ticket waiting for me once I got there so I saved $85 off the break… Went inside the show which seemed like a sea of products and master stylist (I am sure they all were not master stylist some just master salespeople)… There was everything from wigs to foot scrubbers… Must have been 25 makeup companies (no major ones that you would know of)… I saw a rack of flat irons, brushes, blow dryers, etc… Products to make your hair curly like Miss Jessie’s and stuff to make your weave last 3 months… Beautiful I was overwhelmed with all the foolishness around me… Lucky me I have been to many hair shows so I am quickly able to separate the necessary from the useless… I bought a new blow dryer from RUSK and let me tell you I have been burning folks all week… The new blowtorch is not to be denied she gets super hot and I love it… I also purchased some makeup that I didn’t need at all… My biggest find was Moroccan Hair Oil… I love this stuff it smells amazing and not to mention it is weightless… Use as much as you want and it will not weigh the hair down… So now the Moroccan Oil is my new best friend… Simply apply a dime sized amount to damp hair and proceed with styling as usual… Trust me you are going to LOVE this one seriously… I often use a little more when I am about to curl and a drop when I am done… Now you see I have used a lot and I still get movement and shine but not that wet shine. Moroccan Oil gives you a natural healthy shine and she smells AMAZING!!!!!! GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

i am so happy that you are blogging again, i hope you can be more frequent-- i love your straightforwardness.
Question: what is the best leave-in for habitual dry relaxed hair? i live in tn and need some help.